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We need to protect our environment to protect our lifestyle. From climate change action to increasingly sustainable products, we live it because we love it.

Climate Change

We are doing everything we can, from using energy at our headquarters that is sourced from 100% renewable sources, to global efficiency efforts and lobbying efforts at the state and federal level. We recognize that we produce goods and that we are not perfect, but as we continue on toward sustainability leadership, we invite the broader Burton community to join us in our journey.

Protect Our Winters

We are proud to be one of the largest donors of Protect Our Winters (POW) and we work closely together, along with our team riders, to reach out to young people. We aim to educate and inspire people to take action on climate change, through efforts such as our #phoneitin and #dropinandvote campaigns that we kicked off at the Burton US Open.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

We are proud that our global headquarters is in Burlington, Vermont, where 100% of our energy is from renewable sources. We aim to cut our energy use by 5% a year and are doing things like full energy audits and have recently changed out most of our lighting to energy efficient fixtures. Because a significant part of our carbon footprint comes from employee transportation, we make it a priority to promote “creative commuting” to and from our offices. We have won numerous state and nationwide awards for our efforts, we keep a fleet of free loaner bikes available for everyday errands, and have preferred parking for bikes and carpoolers. The 2017 was the first year for a carbon-neutral Burton US Open, thanks to our Sustainability team and our partners at Vail Mountain Resort.

Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy

We are doing our best to green up locally, but we also realize the importance of taking a stance on global issues that are important to us. So we’ve partnered with BICEP to join a coalition of iconic brands that are standing up and saying that business wants climate change policy. We do regular policy work with them, including our twice annual trips to Capitol Hill to speak directly with White House staff and legislators on the need for environmental protection.


Burton's commitment to sustainability is based on a goal to reduce our overall impact on both people and the planet. When it comes to reducing our footprint, we focus on practical change and constant progression in our workplaces. By reducing waste and collaborating with other industry leaders to accurately measure our sustainability efforts, we’re striving to be as earth-friendly as possible.

Waste Reduction

In 2012, we set out to reduce waste at our Vermont headquarters by 50% in three years. This goal was accomplished in less than one year by instituting 30 compost/recycling stations throughout our headquarters. We started a “Kick the Can” movement in which employees give up their personal trash cans for a “Kick the Can” mug, which gives them a fast lane to the drinks at company parties. Covert waste sorts are organized on occasion, in which we secretly save our office waste for three days and then have employees dress up in hazmat suits and sort through it to find opportunities for improvement. By year two of this initiative, we reduced our office waste by another 20%. Now we have our sights set on zero waste.

Sustainability Collaboration

Burton is a very active member in the Outdoor Industry Associations’ Sustainability Working Group and has been a leading company in the development of the HIGG tool – a sustainability measurement system that will allow brands, factories and customers a singular and comprehensive look at the sustainability of each product.

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