Score Up to 30% Off Select Boards, [ak]®, Step On®, & More. While Supplies Last.SHOP NOW

Score Up to 30% Off Select Boards, [ak]®, Step On®, & More. While Supplies Last.SHOP NOW



Giving a damn about sustainability means radically reimagining our current linear systems of production (take->make->use->toss) and replacing them with circular systems that have longer and more reusable lifespans. For Burton, that means creating products from renewable or recycled material, designing for durability, facilitating easy repair, and reusing, remaking, and recycling materials at the end of a product’s life to close the loop.  

That’s easier said than done with complex, technical gear built to stand up to the elements season after season. We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t have all the answers. Some solutions we’ll need to create on our own. Other solutions will come from joining forces with industry partners—we're talking industry-changing, economic transformation! There’s new territory to navigate, but we’re guided by science-based tools like an in-house Life Cycle Assessment to make sure we approach circular product design holistically. To close the loop, you’ll see us tackle circularity at different points in the lifecycle of our products–from materials that are made to last, to warranty and repair programs, to new circular service models, and innovations that shake up business as usual.  



When it comes to sustainability, it’s best practice to set a clear path forward. A misguided detour could easily lead to a cliff instead of a powder stash. Since 2014, we’ve used our in-house Life Cycle Analysis to guide our hardgoods product development. We use this tool to evaluate our products from “cradle-to-gate" and consider our use of raw materials through manufacturing until they get to our stores. This helps us get scientific about assessing the impact of our materials and manufacturing choices. Board, binding, or boots–LCA is what keeps us focused on meaningful actions that measurably reduce our carbon footprint. Instead of being susceptible to our best intentions. 


You want gear that goes just as hard as you do. Circularity starts with designing products that are meant to last longer. We design products with high quality, premium materials, that are made to last–and our warranty policy backs that up. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our softgoods (apparel and outerwear), and a limited warranty on our hardgoods like boards, boots, and bindings. While we design gear so that you never need to submit a claim, we make the process easy just in case. Our goal is to evaluate your claim within 48 hours. 


Our dedication to circularity means we do our absolute best to repair and extend the life of our products. Fixing things is often more complicated than just replacing the gear, but it's the right thing to do. If a product comes back to us, we’ll first aim to repair it. Our goal is to repair at least 50% of product warranty claims globally by 2025. We’re also all about helping you with quick and easy DIY fixes. Is your rain jacket not keeping you dry? We’ve got you covered. We sell spare parts if your gear is out of warranty and have a team of guides ready to walk you through any gear issue. We also manufacture all spares in black to cut down on waste and help keep your gear in rotation for another season. 


The 2nd Lap collection repurposes our surplus materials into unique, limited-run products for a more sustainable supply chain. In 2021, we introduced reusable shopping bags from fabric that may have otherwise headed to landfills. Check out our retail stores worldwide for 2nd lap products. And we’re also keeping select 2nd quality gear in circulation, offering open-box and direct-from-manufacturer products with minor cosmetic defects at a discount and backing them with our warranty policy. Because you should never let a good thing (or gear) go to waste. 

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