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It's our playground, our source of inspiration, and our home.

We must protect it.

Climate Action Goals

What We're Doing

We are taking three immediate actions to become climate positive by 2025: Reducing our carbon emissions footprint in line with a science-based target, removing more GHGs than we emit annually, and advocating for system-level change.

Planet-Friendly Materials

For as long as we'll exist, we'll keep making gear that's better for our planet and our community.


We’re focusing on circular systems to reduce our resource consumption, keep our products in use for as long as possible, and limit waste.

Here's How


Our Responsibility to the Planet

Committed to Climate Positive


Limit our carbon footprint and promote renewable energy generation through improvements to operations and changes to product design and manufacturing.


Invest in nature-based offset projects beyond our supply chain that sequester carbon to more than cover those emissions we can’t eliminate yet.


Work with partners and like-minded brands to advocate for climate-positive policy that catalyzes system-level change.

Low-Impact, Responsibly-Sourced Materials

It's our goal to make the best products possible. Therefore, we rely on low-impact, responsibly sourced materials to reduce resource consumption and improve emissions from manufacturing. In Burton products, you'll find preferred materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and responsibly sourced down. We also leverage Life Cycle Analysis to improve product designs, material choices, manufacturing practices, and energy sources.

Safer Chemistry

We’re committed to protecting our community, workers, and the environment by eliminating toxic chemicals from our supply chain, manufacturing processes, products, and packaging. We’re using our partnership with bluesign®, and a strong restricted substances list to cut out harmful chemicals and make products that are safe for people and the environment.

Sustainable Packaging

We're committed to designing out waste and limiting the impact of our packaging. That's why we use recycled materials and ensure that our packaging is easily recyclable or compostable—to keep it land-fill-free. But there's still more work to be done. To collectively create change, Burton joined the Responsible Packaging Movement in 2020. Along with other purpose-driven brands, Burton committed to sourcing wood fiber from responsibly managed forests and to eliminating plastic from our consumer packaging by 2025.

Product End Of Life

We’re designing our products with end-of-life solutions in mind. If a product comes back to us, we first aim to repair it. If we must replace it, we guarantee our softgoods with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and upcycle used components to keep them out of the landfill. Our customers can also take action through DIY care and Repair—because sometimes a spare part is all you need.

2nd Lap

The 2nd Lap collection repurposes our surplus materials into unique, limited-run products for a more sustainable supply chain. This spring we introduced reusable shopping bags made from surplus fabric, available at Burton retail stores around the world.

Our Partners

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