Give Dads What They Really Want for Father's Day With a Burton Gift Card.SHOP NOW

Give Dads What They Really Want for Father's Day With a Burton Gift Card.SHOP NOW

Burton Pass Along


We’re testing a new way of business – one that keeps gear in use and helps new people access our brand. By extending the life of our products through take back and resale (coming soon), we’re keeping our gear away from the landfill and out in nature. 


We accept new and gently used Burton and Analog snowboards and outerwear (snow jackets, snow pants, snow bibs and snow one-pieces) that function properly and are in very good, clean, reusable condition. We accept snowboards from the 2013 winter product season onward and accept outerwear from the 2018 winter product season onward. In exchange, we give you a credit to be used toward purchases at Burton Flagship retail stores and on Products traded in will be prepared and listed for future resale. 

Bring your new or gently used Burton or Analog snowboard or outerwear to a U.S. Burton Flagship store. A store guide will assess your items and determine if they meet the product eligibility criteria. We will not accept all items if the criteria are not met, so it’s important that you carefully review your product and assess its eligibility before bringing it into a store.

For each eligible product traded in, you will receive credit that can be used toward purchases of new products in Burton Flagship stores and at You may also choose to donate the full gift card value to The Chill Foundation, which helps inspire youth to overcome challenges through boardsports. 

Eligible used products will then get cleaned or tuned and distributed for future resale (coming soon), extending their lifetime and lowering their environmental impact. 


Brands Accepted 

Only Burton and Analog branded products are eligible. We do not accept any other brands. 

Products Accepted, Product Season Eligibility & Credit Value Tiers

We accept the following product categories: 

Adult and Youth Outerwear. Including snow jackets, snow pants, snow bibs, and snow one-pieces. 

Adult and Youth Snowboards 

We currently are only able to accept product as old as the following winter product seasons. If your product was from the below year’s product line or newer, it is eligible.  

Burton & Analog Product Accepted:

Any items older than these product seasons are not eligible for trade-in. 

Outerwear Product Season Year Eligibility 

All eligible Outerwear from the 2018 season to current year will have an inner product tag which includes the style name and style number. 

Locate the black product tag sewn into the inner side seam of the item with garment information. 

If the tag includes the product style name followed by a 5 or 6-digit number, your product is season eligible. 

Example of outerwear tag information of eligible item: 

If the tag does not include the product style name followed by a 5 or 6-digit number, the product is not season eligible. 

Example of outerwear tag information of ineligible item: 

If the inner tag has been removed, the product is not eligible. 

If you are unsure of what product season year the item is from, reach out to your local Flagship Store or the Burton Guides customer service team 800-881-3138 for assistance in identifying product season year eligibility.

Snowboard Product Season Year Eligibility

All eligible snowboards from the 2013 season to current year will have the snowboard model name and size printed somewhere on the topsheet.

♻ Locate the board channel and look for any print nearby that includes this information. 

If you can locate the board model name and size, then your snowboard is eligible for trade-in. 

Examples of model name and size print on eligible snowboards: