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How Our Employee Culture Drives Sustainability, Transparency, and Happiness at Burton

The best thing about working at Burton is our people.

Work hard, check. Love a good party, check. Most importantly, when we see something we want, we make it happen.

Our five grassroots groups, started by employees for employees, say more about our culture and values than anything else. Shaping the way we all work together, they’re also drivers of Burton’s progressive parental leave policy and advanced sustainability program.

Here's a look at how our employees have impacted Burton for the better.

Three women meeting with an adorable puppy in the foreground
Balance: Members of the EPIC team take a minute to admire their most adorable asset.
Burton employee on a bicycle
For as many months as Vermont weather will allow us, we bike to work.

1. The EPIC committee is in a constant pursuit of reducing our environmental impact. The movement started with a question to employees in 2006: “What are your biggest environmental concerns?” That communication evolved into action and what has become one of the most sophisticated Sustainability programs in the outdoor industry, improving everything from product innovation to a smaller carbon footprint.

2. The Exchange focuses exclusively on high employee morale by staying in touch with our needs. Research showed that most employees just want to know more about what’s going on, so now we have Senior Management interviews, meetings with HR and Burton CEO, Donna Carpenter, and cross-departmental gatherings. One of our favorite routines is It’s 4 o’ clock Somewhere, when The Exchange makes their monthly drop-in to a different department, disrupting the normal work day in the name of networking and a good time.

Burton employees tuning their snowboards.
Our annual Tunes n Tunes event is hosted by The Exchange in the fall, helping employees prepare for opening day.
Burton employee tending to his garden
Our employee garden keeps us healthy and offers a zen way to take a 15-minute break.

3. The Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) was born out of a 2003 directors meeting where Jake and Donna noticed that out of the entire group of senior leaders sitting at the table, only 4% were women. What began as a focus group is now in its 14th year, and is comprised of female leaders that work to make Burton the employer and brand of choice for women. Through this initiative, Burton has created industry-leading parental policy and improved our employee review process. REI interviewed Donna about how becoming a better place for women to work makes us a better place for everyone. So much truth.

4. The Women’s Professional Association (WPA) was created by members of the WLI to connect our community and improve lives through events and activities. For example, they recently partnered with EPIC to host a rafting road trip, and that was really fun!

Burton employees on top of Vermont's highest peak
Employees that hike together stay together.

5. Finally, Burton's Mentor Network’s mission is to help retain and develop employees through formal and informal networking. This is another baby of the WLI—what started as a program for women back in 2006 quickly caught momentum across the entire company, and now ensures that everyone gets the career development support they seek.

No matter how good it might look to work somewhere, the thing that matters most is how it makes you feel. Our ability to impact the Burton experience can be traced back to the privately held nature of our company. We get the freedom to influence, and Burton ends up with innovative programs and policies. It’s a win/win, and it’s why we’re glad that a profit-hungry man in a suit isn't steering this ship.

We're always looking for like-minded friends to join our community. Check out our Careers Page...or better yet, bookmark it and keep a look out.