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Big News: We Are Now A Certified B Corporation™

Business as a force for good. That’s what it's all about.


We are officially joining the ranks of companies with similar values under B Corp™ certification. That means that we're meeting high standards for sustainability, social responsibility, transparency, and holding ourselves accountable. In our own words, it simply means we care about the big picture. Practices that are good for the world, are good for us. Simple, right?

While about 3,000 companies worldwide are certified, we’re the first snowboarding company to reach these standards. By having a positive impact on our people, playground and product, hopefully we inspire other companies to follow suit.

Our Co-CEO Donna Carpenter put it best: “Burton has always stood for more than snowboarding,” said Donna. “Our values around community, sustainability and women’s equity are as much a part of our identity as pioneering the sport. Now more than ever, companies need to step up and speak up on issues that impact the world we all share. So we’re all very proud to join the B Corp community, which shares our commitment to balancing purpose with profit.”

We won’t get into every detail, but here are a few of the values that earned us this certification.

"Burton has always stood for more than snowboarding."
Kimmy Fasani sharing feedback at a Rider Roundtable with her son, Koa. Thanks, technology!

Social Responsibility

Between the pregnancy clause in our athletes' contracts and a strong new parent policy, emphasis on women in leadership, and encouraging staff to give back through volunteer time off, we’re hoping to impact lives for the better. The Chill Foundation, our youth-focused non-profit, is a pillar of our brand.

Political & Environmental Activism

The mountains need us as advocates—that’s why we work closely with Protect Our Winters to lobby for positive climate policy. Throughout the year, we work with several organizations to influence lawmakers to take positive action on the climate crisis. We recently closed all of our stores and halted website sales for 24 hours to amplify the Global Climate Strikes. Rigorous sustainability goals for 2020 are keeping us accountable.

Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Crockett and Senior Sustainability Manager Jenn Swain lobbying for positive climate policy at the US Capitol.
Our Tokyo office showed up for the planet during the Global Climate Strike.
Using volunteer time off to go gleaning at a local farm.


From reducing the carbon footprint of headquarters and product manufacturing, to purchasing eco-conscious materials and our Pass Along program to keep products in use longer, we are committed to carefully considering our supply chain from raw materials to landfill. All snowboards are Forest Stewardship Council™ certified, and we’re working on 100% bluesign® products across softgoods.

Putting the finishing touches on a couple of our snowboards.
All snowboards are Forest Stewardship Council™ certified (FSC™ C124994).

Better Business Practices

By committing to fair labor practices and safe working conditions throughout our supply chain and ensuring factories meet high international human rights standards, we aim to keep things transparent, safe, and beneficial for all.

Progression is the name of the game in snowboarding and in our business practices, so we’ll keep you updated as we continue to improve. We’re psyched that we now have the B Corp™ community as a valuable resource as we go forward.