2020 Sustainability Goals

– Our Playground –

When it comes to protecting our playground, we’re keyed in on action and advocacy. We're aiming to achieve a 20% reduction in carbon emissions and divert 75% of our waste from the landfill by 2020 at global headquarters. The Burton US Open has been carbon neutral since 2017 and will be zero waste by 2020. And we're doubling our repairs to reach at least 40% of our warranty claims. Most importantly, we use our momentum to set an example and speak out on policy issues that impact our people and the environment.

We’re rapidly minimizing our impact on the planet. We focus on practical change and constant progression, both locally and globally. By greening our own house and collaborating with other industry leaders like Protect Our Winters to advocate for strong climate policy, we’re committed to being as earth-friendly as possible while maximizing our positive impact.

Climate Change

We are proud that our global headquarters is in Burlington, Vermont, where 100% of the energy is sourced from renewable sources. We have committed to reducing our Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon footprint at our global headquarters by 20% by the year 2020. In order to do that, we’re installing a new rooftop solar array, running full energy audits, and upgrading our lighting to energy efficient fixtures. Thanks to our Sustainability Team and our partners at Vail Mountain Resort, 2017 was our first year for a carbon-neutral Burton US Open, which we'll continue going forward. Since employee transportation impacts our carbon footprint, we promote “creative commuting,” and we’ve won state and national awards for our efforts. We keep a fleet of free loaner bikes available, have charging stations for electric cars, tune employees’ bikes, and offer preferred parking for bikers and carpoolers.

BICEP and Protect Our Winters

Since 2013, Burton has partnered with the Ceres BICEP network and Protect Our Winters (POW) to affect systemic political solutions to climate change. POW is a community of athletes, thought pioneers and forward-thinking business leaders working to turn passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates. Burton speaks out to influence lawmakers and empowers our community to join us in taking positive climate action. Burton Co-CEO Donna and POW Athletes Alliance members travel to Capitol Hill annually to lobby for strong climate policy.

Waste Reduction

In 2012, we set out to reduce landfill waste at our global headquarters by 50% in three years. This goal was accomplished in less than one year by instituting 30 composting and recycling stations. In our “Kick the Can” campaign, employees gave up their personal trash cans for a fast-lane to the keg at company parties. We conduct covert waste-sorts, secretly saving our office waste and then sorting through it by hand to find opportunities for improvement. By year two of this initiative, we reduced our office waste by another 20%. We're continuously improving.

Sustainability Collaboration

Burton is a leadership member of the Outdoor Industry Association's Sustainability Working Group, which tackles a range of industry issues – such as chemicals management, social responsibility, animal welfare, and circular economy – in a pre-competitive, collaborative manner. We have been active in the development of the HIGG Index, which is a suite of tools for companies to measure and benchmark sustainability performance of a material, product, facility, or brand.

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