Our People

Burton is family-owned and it shows. From inside the walls of our headquarters, to our global partners producing goods and sharing the lifestyle, everyone matters. We have focused on our people from day one at Burton with an innovative, sustainable culture.

Employees & Community

Our efforts are not only within our own walls, but include the people that we impact all over the world. We aim to not only have all our factories meet our high international human rights and responsibility standards, but to impact everyone around us as positively as possible.

Sustainable Culture

Our culture is our foundation, and we’ve fostered a sustainable culture since day one. With dogs in the office, organic garden plots for employees, free local organic kombucha on tap, skate ramps, free DIY classes, flexible schedules, and closing the office on powder days, we always make sure we take care of our people.
Women’s Leadership

Women’s Leadership

Burton has been a leader in empowering women in our workplace and industry for decades, led by our co-founder and CEO Donna Carpenter. We have women’s leadership development events throughout the year, women’s specific ride days, and a leadership group that meets monthly to make sure we’re constantly improving our efforts around supporting and growing women.

CHILL Non-Profit and Donations

Not only in the US but also in Europe we’re proud to host CHILL events every year. We’re working with organisations like Arche it Italy, Nove Straseci in Czech Republic, as well as SOS Kinderdorf in Austria, just to name a few. Underserved kids are invited to the mountains, to go snowboarding with us several times per season. Of course we equip them with gear and provide snowboard teachers, so the kids get a time-out from their everyday life.

Social Responsibility

We have a strict Social Responsibility Policy and Code of Conduct Policy based on the United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO) standards in which we enforce across our entire finished good factory supply base. All of our finished goods factories have now been audited and we are currently working on our raw materials suppliers to ensure that 100% of them have agreed to our standards and are inspected regularly to ensure that they meet these standards.

Factory Staff

We have a full team that works hard to ensure that all of our factories meet high international human rights standards through factory audits, education and trainings. We want to make sure that all workers making our products are working in safe, healthy and environmentally friendly conditions—that’s our commitment.

Environment, Health and Safety

Our strong Sustainable Chemicals Management Policy requires that everyone producing our goods use only safe chemicals and materials. We do not allow things like heavy metals and phthalates in our products and we require that our suppliers meet the strictest global standards. We utilize our industry-leading partnership with bluesign® to ensure that not only the inputs into our product are made with the safest chemicals but also that the air and water emissions from our processes are clean.

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