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Burton Test Ride

Burton Test Ride Centers are the pinnacle locations to try out the latest gear in our line. With a wide range of our men's and women's retail boards available to ride, come try out the latest technology today. With a board for every riding ability and style we are here to help find the right board for you.

Find a Test Ride Center near you.


What does Test Ride cost?

Each Test Ride Center has individual rates. See Test Ride Center locations for details.

How many days can I "Test Ride" a board?

You can Test Ride as many days as you would like to, but keep in mind, only a certain number of days will go towards the purchase of a board.

Can I book/prebook my board rental online?

Some Test Ride Centers allow for prebooking and some do not. See Test Ride Center locations for details.

Can I test Step On?

There are specific Step On Test Centers! Official Test Ride Center List.

Do bindings come with the board?

All Test Ride Centers have bindings to try as well. See Test Ride Center locations for their offering.

Do you have Boots as well?

Some Test Ride Centers have a limited selection of boots available to rent. See Test Ride Center locations for details.

Where can I demo Burton Snowboards?

You can demo a large range of Burton's inline snowboards at our Test Ride Centers around the world. Find a location near you.

What size snowboard do I need?

The size of your snowboard will depend primarily on your weight (a snowboard has no idea how tall you are) and your boot size. Select a snowboard and enter both your weight and boot size for our board size recommendation.

What snowboard is best for all mountain?

The perfect all mountain board is generally a blend of not too stiff, not too soft but depends completely on your riding style and ability. That's why testing the boards out before purchasing is the best solution. For more information on board technology and recommendations, check out our snowboards.

What snowboard is best for powder?

In a powder board, the ideal board will float in deep snow for that easy, surfy feeling while maintaining control. We offer a wide range of powder boards for men, women and youth. The best thing to do... try one out today! View a full list of powder boards in our line.

Where can I demo snowboards in Colorado?

There are a ton of Test Ride Centers in Colorado.

Where can I test a snowboard before buying?

All of our Test Ride Centers! There are a few reasons people love Test Ride Centers:

  • They can try out a board before buying it to make sure it is the perfect fit.
  • Technology is ever changing in this industry and let's be honest, choosing the right board can be confusing and overwhelming. At Test Ride Centers you can talk to a professional that can give you tips and recommendations. But the best part? You can try it all out for yourself.
  • Airline baggage fees are expensive. Don't want to travel with your bags? Now you don't have to! Travel to your resort and try out the latest and greatest boards - with NO baggage fees.

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