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Frontline Workers & Students Score Up to 50% Off Now Through 5/31.Shop NowGet Verified

Burton Test Ride

The Program

Want to try before you buy? The Burton Test Ride Centers offer all the latest technology to demo. Whether it's your first board, another board to add to the quiver, or you just want to try the newest technology, the experts at our Burton Test Ride centers will help you select the right equipment for your test ride. If you decide to buy, a portion of your demo fees will apply toward the purchase of your new gear! The friendly staff at our Test Ride Centers love nothing more than talking about snowboards and all things snowboarding, so make their day and ask them questions. 

How It Works

Every season our Test Ride Centers stock their demo fleets with the newest gear. Whether you are looking for a snowboard to buy and want to try it out first, are traveling and don't want to bring your snowboard, or just want to try the latest tech, visiting a Test Ride Center is a great option. You can test a board for a few runs or a few days. There are Step On boots and bindings available at select locations.

It is always best to make a reservation first so check out the list of Test Ride Center locations to find a center near you.

Gear Available

Each of our Test Ride Centers has a curated line up of current season boards and bindings, so you can try the latest in tech and design. If you are interested in testing our Step On® products, check out the Test Ride Center locations for availability. Some locations also offer splitboarding gear. 

For information, details, and riding profiles on our full line of snowboards, check out the snowboards section.

What to Bring

All Test Ride Centers have boards and bindings available to test on the hill. Step On® boots are available to test with Step On® bindings. If you plan to test traditional bindings, please bring your own boots if you have them. 


If you plan to rent boots or test our Step On® boots and bindings, make sure you wear snowboard specific socks to ensure you get the best fit. You will also need to bring your own helmet, goggles, gloves and outerwear. 

How To Book

For the best test ride experience, we encourage our riders to book a reservation ahead of time. Start by finding a Test Ride Center location that works for you. 


What does Test Ride Cost?

Each Test Ride Center has individual rates. Find a Test Ride location that works for you, then check the online booking page (where available) or call to get rates.

What is the difference between a Test Ride and a Rental?

Test Ride Centers provide a premium experience and opportunity to try Burton’s most innovative technology and the newest product line before you buy it. Burton rentals allow you to ride quality snowboard gear whether you are renting for a day, a week, or a season.  

Where can I test a snowboard before buying? 

You can test ride a Burton snowboard at any of our Test Ride Centers to make sure it’s a perfect fit. Technology is always changing, and let’s be honest, choosing the right board can be confusing. At Test Ride Centers you can talk to an expert and get recommendations on the right gear for you. The best part? You can try out the gear yourself before you make a purchase.

Airline baggage fees are expensive. Don’t want to travel with your snowboard gear? Now you don’t have to. Travel to your resort and try out the latest boards with NO extra baggage fees.

Can I book/prebook my equipment rental online? 

We encourage you to prebook either online (where available) or by calling the Test Ride Center.

Can I test Step On®?

Step On® is available at many of our Test Ride Centers. Check the Test Ride locations to find out if Step On® is available.

Do bindings come with the board?

All Test Ride Centers have bindings to try with snowboards.

Are snowboard boots available?

We recommend you bring your own snowboard boots when taking a Test Ride. Boot rentals are not typically part of the Test Ride experience.

What size snowboard do I need?

The size of your snowboard will depend primarily on your weight (a snowboard has no idea how tall you are) and your boot size. Select a snowboard and enter both your weight and snowboard boot size for our board size recommendation.

Are splitboards available?

Splitboards are available at some of our Test Ride Centers. Check the Test Ride locations to find out if splitboards are available.

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