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Comfort that lasts from first chair to your final lap. Step On boots and bindings feature full underfoot cushioning to limit fatigue and offer a broken-in feel right out of the box.


No straps. No fuss. Just three simple clicks and you’re good to go. Hop off the lift and straight onto the run — it’s that simple.


It’s not just about ease of use. Step On’s heel-to-toe connection puts pro-caliber control where it matters most, providing an effortless connection for riders at every skill level.

Simple Locking Security

Instant Connection, Instant Release

Universal Compatibility

“The speed of getting in and out is the best. The way the skiers look at me when I step onto the binding... Priceless.”

— Anna Gasser | Burton Team Rider

Heel. Toe. Go.

From seasoned pros to first time snowboarders, Step On provides a seamless experience that caters to every style of riding. Three secure locking points connect your foot to the binding for maximum comfort, responsiveness, and convenience. All you have to do is Step On and get right to riding.

Toe Hooks

Located on the front of each boot, toe hooks keep the toes securely fastened in the Step On binding. Dual component design ensures maximum durability for multi-season use and ease of use. After you lock into the heel cleat, apply pressure to both toe hooks until you hear two clicks. Now, you’re securely locked in and ready to ride.

Heel Cleat

Designed using the same principles as locking teeth found in traditional binding buckles, this component features two levels of connection to accommodate for varying accumulations of snow and icepack in the binding. To engage the heel cleat, simply step down, apply pressure, and listen for a click.

Release Lever

The Release Lever is a low-profile, easy-access lever found on the heelcup of the binding. Pull the lever up, let it go, and the boot is released, allowing the rider to twist their foot and step out. The handle automatically resets after you remove your foot, allowing riders to step back on instantaneously.

Easy for Beginners

Step On® bindings are faster, easier, and take way less effort than strapping in, which makes them a perfect option for new riders. No more searching for a flat spot or a bench to strap in, just step on and get right to riding.

Trusted by Pros

Our team riders use Step On from the park to the backcountry. To some of them, there’s no better performing boot-to-binding system in snowboarding. Carve hard, hit big jumps, and ride rails like the pros. When it comes to performance, Step On simply delivers.

Game Changing for Families

Removing the need to strap in and out at the top and bottom of every run is a game changer for both kids and parents. Spend more time riding with your family and less time fussing over straps and buckles.

“Love these bindings!!”

Love how quick I can come off the lift and head down the hill. Great response with no lag, I turn and the board turns. Feel just as secure as regular strap-on bindings. Recommend these Bindings to all. The two days on the mountain riding, I recommended these Bindings to everyone I came across or who asked about them.

— Keith D.

“Game changer!”

I’ve snowboarded for nearly 20 years and this is such a game changer. Not only are they convenient but it lacks zero performance. To be able to get off the lift, step on and go down any type of terrain is incredible. I also have 6 children, (5 boys & my youngest my daughter) 14, 9, 7, 5, 3, & 1 and my 5 oldest all snowboard. This system allows me to assist them strapping in and then I can quickly step in and join them for adventure!

— Mourad

“Instant control”

I've ridden dozens of binding setups. Not since riding plate bindings in the 80s have I felt this immediate response from foot to board. By far Step-On bindings provide superior edge to edge response and instant control from the moment you lock in. Great at high speed and tight carves. I'm buying another set for my other board. Thanks.

— Joshua B.

“Must have!!!!”

If you have never owned Step On bindings, you’re missing out! Every time I ride I am asked about them and the ones who ride with me a jealous at how easy they are to step on! Very responsive and easy to operate. I would recommend for any level rider. Do yourself a favor, you’ll thank me later!

— Paddlethebu

“Greatest Bindings Yet”

These bindings are not only the easiest to put on and take off but they’re also very comfortable and they can be used for very aggressive riding.

— Carlos R.

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Step On X

Step On X combines an immediate heel-toe connection and an unmatched convenience with a carbon infused hi-back that achieves a whole new realm of response for those looking to get the most out of their binding.

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