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Don't Miss Out! 20% off ends tomorrow.
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Catch the First Chair

Your rewards stash is just a lift ride away.

No lift lines. No crowds. Just untracked access to members-only perks at no extra cost. Join our loyalty program and start earning benefits today.

Product Testing

Help shape the future of Burton products and win a chance to test outerwear and gear.

Birthday Gift

Celebrate your next lap around the sun with a surprise reward from the burton team.

Early Access

Early access to select product drops, restocks, and sales.

VIP Benefits

Participate in product development, win a chance to ride with the team, or be selected to take part in field testing.

Free Express Shipping (US Only)

Need some last minute gear? Enjoy free express shipping on all purchases.

Plenty of ways to earn rewards ↓

Buy & Earn

Buy gear online or in-store and earn points. Every dollar spent equals 1 point earned.

Give Back

Earn 2x points for every dollar donated to Chill. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. (Offer only valid for donations made on or at a Burton store).

Double Down

Keep an eye out for 2x or 3x point events, and receive double or triple points for each dollar spent.

The Program

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