How do we handle customer reviews?

Our product reviews are managed through the Yotpo platform. We invite our customers by email to place a product review after they have made their purchase. Reviewers that purchased a specific product and left a review are marked with a 'Verified Buyer' badge. Reviews verified via email are created as anonymous reviews, until the reviewer confirms their email address through the verification email sent by Yotpo. Once the email is confirmed, the Verified Reviewer badge is appended to the review.

We manually spot check reviews. In case we believe a review is not legit, not related to the product and/or to the product experience, we reserve the right te remove them from our website. Ofcourse we can't go over all reviews, but we do out best. In case you have a question regarding a specific review or if you have any additional questions on this topic, please reach out to our Burton Guides, they are happy to help!