STEP ON®︎の新作

STEP ON®︎ Gromに豊富な新色、STEP ON®︎ SplitでSTEP ON®︎の選択肢が広がりました。今シーズンの注目STEP ON®︎をチェックしましょう!

STEP ON®︎の新作

STEP ON®︎ Gromに豊富な新色、STEP ON®︎ SplitでSTEP ON®︎の選択肢が広がりました。今シーズンの注目STEP ON®︎をチェックしましょう!


Step On Grom

Now even younger and smaller riders can start with Step On with this new Kids Step On size offering for smaller groms for boot sizes 11C - 2K.


New Colorways

Each season brings a new batch of unique colorways for Step On. This year, more than ever.


Step On Split

New men’s and women’s Step On Split bindings bring the unique benefits of Step On to splitboard touring, like simplicity, efficiency, speed, and more.

Step On FAQs

Step into the know by learning more about how Step On works, and getting the answers to our customers most frequently asked questions.

"How do I get in?"


It really is as easy as, "heel, toe, go". Step into the binding heel-first to engage the heel clip, then press down your toes until you hear the clicks.

"How do I get out?"


Getting out is even easier than getting in. Just pull the lever on the heel of the binding and twist your foot. Boom, you're out.

"Does it work in powder?"


Yes, Step On works great in powder. Just brush the snow out of your footbed before you step on (like you would with any binding).

"Do they work in park?"


Tweak, press, big go, stomp hard–the best riders in the world have put it to the test. Now it's your turn.

"Are they good for beginners?"


Step On is great for all levels of riding. Its ease of use and convenience both simplifies and streamlines the beginner's experience.

"Are they responsive?"


Some riders even say that Step Ons are more responsive than traditional bindings due to the heel-toe connections. They love to carve.

"Can I use it on any board?"


Step On is compatible with all major mounting systems, which means you can use it with any board out there (not just Burton's).

"So, I don't have to sit down?"


Never sit down to strap in again. It's fast and easy, so you can get right to riding.

"What about ice build up?"


Step On has undergone countless hours of rider testing. Just scrape any ice from the footbed like you would with a traditional binding.

"Will I pop out of my bindings?"


We've been doing testing and R&D on Step On. You're just as safe on Step Ons as you are in strap bindings.

Digital Manuals

User guides for Step On, Step On Split, and Step On Grom


How to Set Up Your Step Ons

STEP ON®︎の噂の真相

STEP ON®︎には発売当初から疑わしい噂が数多くあります。今こそ、その噂の真相を解き明かすときです。下記のようなSTEP ON®︎の噂が事実でないと証明するため、役立つ写真やビデオを投稿し、#STEPON でタグ付けしてください。投稿したものはBurtonのSNSで紹介されるチャンスがあります。

例1: 脱着が難しい 

例2: パークやバックカントリーで使えない 

例3: 激しいスラムに耐えられない 

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