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Gender-neutral outerwear that makes minimal look good. Discover the New Futuretrust Collection!Shop Now



The signs of climate change are clear—melting glaciers in Austria, unpredictable pow in Japan, and resorts on fire in California. Climate change affects our business operations, the health of our mountain communities, and the way we experience the outdoors. To save snow for future riders and protect our planet, we need to take bold action today. 

We’ve defined critical milestones for climate action. REDUCE our emissions in line with a science-based target and ADVOCATE for system-level change.  

Burton has been committed to carbon reduction and climate advocacy for years. This is not new work. But we’re listening to the latest science and doubling down on our climate commitments to extend our decarbonization efforts across our facilities, operations, and supply chain. We recognize that this alone will not meet the urgency of the climate and environmental solutions needed, so we advocate for systems wide change across the industry and in policy. We’re shaking up business-as-usual in the face of the climate crisis.



How we’re measuring our impact and reducing our emissions to zero as quickly as possible

The only way to ensure that we’re reducing our carbon impact is by measuring our annual emissions. Since 2017, we’ve measured all emissions produced by our owned and leased facilities, including Burton headquarters and flagship retail locations (or Scope 1 & 2 emissions), and reported on our reduction efforts annually. And our hardgoods engineers have used life cycle analysis to estimate the carbon footprint of our hardgoods products. 

But, to get the entire picture, we need to measure emissions associated with everything else, or Scope 3 emissions. The majority of our emissions come from manufacturing and transporting our products. That includes raw material inputs, production processes, and shipping gear to our stores and you. In 2021, we completed a comprehensive measurement of our carbon footprint and supply chain emissions. This analysis was validated by second-party GHG accounting experts and serves as the baseline for our long-term carbon reduction targets.


In 2021, we set ambitious carbon targets, covering all of our operations and our entire supply chain (Scope 1, 2, and 3), in accordance with the Paris Agreement and the IPCC report. Our targets go beyond the scientific recommendations of what is required to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius and prevent the worst effects of climate change. By 2030, we are committed to reducing our absolute emissions from Burton facilities and operations by 42% (Scope 1&2) AND reducing our supply chain emissions per dollar of profit by 55% reduction (Scope 3) from a 2020 baseline.




Our dedication to circularity means we do our absolute best to repair and extend the life of our products. Fixing things is often more complicated than just replacing the gear, but it's the right thing to do. If a product comes back to us, we’ll first aim to repair it. Our goal is to repair at least 50% of product warranty claims globally by 2025. We’re also all about helping you with quick and easy DIY fixes. Is your rain jacket not keeping you dry? We’ve got you covered. We sell spare parts if your gear is out of warranty and have a team of guides ready to walk you through any gear issue. We also manufacture all spares in black to cut down on waste and help keep your gear in rotation for another season. 

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