Simple Locking Security

Instant Connection, Instant Release

Universal compatibility

Hands Free Convenience —

Game Changing for Families

Taking your kids out on the mountain doesn't have to be a challenge. Learn why a few of our pro parents are calling Step On "life changing."
Ready to Send —

Trusted by Pros

It's not just about ease of use. Step On offers remarkable heel-to-toe response and performance for every style of riding at every level. Just ask the pros.
Step on and Go —

Easy for Beginners

Step On removes barriers for first timers. Just step onto your board, skip the fussy stuff and get right to learning how to slide on snow.
The ins and outs of Step On —

FAQ and How it Works

Want to learn more about Step On? Check out some of the frequently asked questions or chat with a Burton Guide to get all the info.







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