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This ankle strap is built into Step On® boots and allows the rider to adjust heel hold and forward flex stiffness. Controlled by a Boa® dial and Warrantied for Life performance of Burton-exclusive New England Rope laces. Found on Photon Step On® and Felix Step On® models.


Located on the toes of each boot's forefoot, toe cleats keep the toes securely fastened in the Step On binding. Dual component design ensures maximum durability.


Designed using the same principles as locking teeth found in traditional binding buckles, this component features two levels of connection to accommodate for varying accumulations of snow and icepack.


These hooks, found on the toe side of each Step On baseplate lock the toe cleats into place. An integrated living hinge allows riders to engage and exit from the baseplate in one single motion.


Working in concert with the heel cleat as the primary retention system, the heel buckle is designed with the same functionality of a ratchet buckle, and features Smooth Glide™ technology to ensure easy engagement.


The Release Lever is a low-profile, easy-access lever found on the heelcup of the binding. Pull the lever up, let it go, and the boot is released, allowing the rider to step out. The handle automatically resets after you step out, allowing riders to step back on instantaneously.



How do I know if my step on boots feature the important heel cleat update?
We offer two levels of boots for both men and women. Your riding style, experience and personal preference, will determine which is the better boot for you. Contact our Burton Guides at info@burtonhelp.com, 00800 287 866 13 for expert advice.
How does it work?
Using similar technology to what we have been using in our traditional strap buckles for years, the Step On binding locks your boot into the binding without the need for straps. Three connection points – two by the toe and one at the heel – deliver unmatched security and board control by locking the boot to the binding.
How is step on different than previous boot / binding systems?
Step On offers a similarly speedy boot binding integration, but unlike previous systems, it delivers the same performance you would expect from a traditional strap binding system. Some previous systems were heavier, less reliable and didn’t provide an ideal level of response. Step On offers quicker and easier entry and exit, along with lightweight reliability, while providing the same (if not greater) performance and safety you'd expect from traditional strap bindings.
How do I get in?
Step into the binding with the heel cleat aimed at the heel clip. Once the heel clicks, press down with your toes and engage the toe cleats.
How do I know I am in?
When the heel cleat engaged is with the heel clip, your primary retention is locked in. As you apply weight to your toes the toe cleats will engage with the toe hooks and you will be fully engaged in the system.
The heel of my boot seems to have a lot of up / down movement. How do I know when I am fully engaged?
The Step On heel mechanism has two engagement positions: The Initial Heel Engagement Position, called Position 1, allows you to lock your heel into the binding and is a feature designed to accommodate underfoot snowpack. The Final Heel Engagement Position, called Position 2, is the ideal riding position and can be achieved by putting additional pressure onto the heel of your boot. Both positions are equally safe in regards to rider retention in the heel but the rider may experience or feel additional movement when riding in Position 1 depending on the amount of underfoot snowpack. Heel Position 2 is the optimal performance setting of the Step On system.
How am I held into the system?
There are three points of connection between your Step On boots and bindings. The primary retention comes from the connection between the boot's heel cleat and binding's heel clip. Once this is engaged you are fully locked into the system. The secondary retention is secured through the toe cleats and toe hooks.
How do I get out?
When you are ready to get out you pull the release lever up, let go (leaving the lever up) and step out of the binding. The easiest motion is a twist and pull - think of getting out of a clip-less bike pedal, or swiveling on one foot like you're doing the Twist. As you step out, the lever will automatically reset. You can reengage the boot with the binding at any point by simply stepping back into the system. Note: it is important to have adjusted the Gas Pedals on your bindings so that the curve of the footbed matches the natural curve of your boot. Improper Gas Pedal alignment can result in more difficult entry/exit. Learn how to adjust your Gas Pedals in our How-To section.
Do I need a specific size binding to match my boot size?
Yes, your boot size must be matched to a specific binding size. You will find size compatibility charts on the product, on the box, in the manual and on Burton.com.
How does the binding work on boards featuring the channel?
Step On has a Re:flex™ baseplate that can be mounted to any channel board, along with any 4x4 board.
Can I mount Step On to any board?
Yes, Step On comes with a Burton Re:Flex™ baseplate, universally compatible with all current mounting systems, including 4x2, 4x4, 3D®, and The Channel®.
How does the step on system affect the flex/feel of the system?
Step On maintains the comfort level and natural flex you would expect from a traditional strap system. The boot is made from the same construction found in all Burton boots, ensuring equal flex, feel, and comfort. All materials under the feet are the same found in traditional boot and binding systems.
Does the binding include mounting hardware and discs for any board?
Yes, our Re:Flex™ baseplate comes with a mounting disc and hardware that can be used on any 4X4 board in the industry, as well as boards featuring The Channel®.
Does the system have forward lean?
Yes, there are two screws on the inside of the Hi-back which can be used to adjust the forward lean.
Are there any parts under my foot?
The Burton Step On system ensures that all materials under the feet are the same as those found in our popular Re:Flex™ bindings. No unnecessary materials of any kind, including metal.
Do I need a leash?
Yes, each pair comes with a leash that clips to your boot. There is a webbed loop on the boot designed specifically to attach the leash.
Is the boot built like a normal boot?
Yes, the boot uses the same construction as our standard boots. There are some small plastic parts that are added for the heel cleat and toe cleats but these do not affect the flex and feel of the boot.
Do the boots fit the same as a standard boot?
Yes, the boots use the same construction as Burton's standard boots so you can expect the same fit and feel you would find in a traditional Burton boot.
What is the difference between the boots offered?
We offer two levels of boots for both men and women. Your riding style, experience and personal preference, will determine which is the better boot for you. Contact our Burton Guides at info@burtonhelp.com, 00800 287 866 13 for expert advice.
Can I use my Step On boots in a normal binding?
Step On boots are designed to work with Step On bindings, and are not designed to be used with any other bindings, including traditional strap bindings.
What is that metal thing on the back of the boot for?
This small metal clip is designed to hold your pant cuff in place so it does not interfere with the Step On system. Refer to your Step On manual for instructions on how to use the cuff clip.
Does the system work in powder / backcountry?
The Burton Step On system has been rigorously tested in all types of snow conditions, and on all types of terrain. As with any bindings, it is important not to allow snow to build up under your boot before engaging the boot with the binding.
What is the warranty policy on the Step On system?
Our standard lifetime warranty applies to the Step On baseplate, as well as a 1-year warranty on all other Step On components. Step On is also backed by our W48 warranty program, so you can rest easy knowing that you will get the fastest product service in the industry and be back on snow as soon as possible.
Where can I demo Step On?
Find a Burton Official Test Ride Center or select retailer. Official Test Ride Center List
Where can I find the closest Authorized Dealer to me?
Find a Burton Official Test Ride Center or select retailer. Official Test Ride Center List


Call a Burton Guide at 00800 287 866 13 or email to info@burtonhelp.com Call a Burton Guide at 00800 287 866 13 or email to info@burtonhelp.com
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