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NEW SNOWBOARDS HAVE LANDED! Have a sneak peek at our latest boards!
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You can tell a lot about a rider by the way they turn. The tracks we each leave behind tell a story, saying, “This is how I do it.” But when we ride, we’re not always on a board, and our turns take many forms. MY TURN gives people from Burton’s global community a blank canvas to take their turn, make their mark, and tell their story.


X-Games announcer, actor, and musician, Selema is a legend in the snowboarding world. He’s curious and loves to learn which makes him the perfect person to dig into each guest’s inspiring story.



Zeb Powell is one of the most influential snowboarders of our time. His style, creativity, and athleticism transcend all of snowboarding and is helping to reshape the community and sport. Yet throughout his meteoric rise from a tiny hill in North Carolina, Zeb has remained humble, grounded, and true to himself. 

Dima Luchkin is a 13-year-old Ukrainian snowboarder and refugee living in Innsbruck, Austria, after his family escaped the war. He is not your average kid, with skills far beyond his years that are sending him on a path that could make him the first Ukrainian athlete to compete in the Olympics for snowboarding. 

In 2018, Liu Jiayu won the first Olympic snowboarding medal ever for China. Since then, the Chinese team has grown, and much of that success can be attributed to her inspiring spirit. A true pioneer, she made the choice to leave the Chinese National Team to pursue her own path in snowboarding.  

Reto Gurtner is the President and CEO of LAAX - one of Switzerland’s premier resorts that holds a unique spot as a snowboarder’s mountain in ski-centric Europe. Reto has lead the charge in making LAAX what it is today and has a long history with Burton. Looking towards the future, LAAX has set ambitious sustainability goals that will hopefully inspire positive change industry-wide. The sustainability story in this episode is also told with Reto Fry who is the Environmental Representative for Weisse Arena Group. 

What do we mean when we talk about our “community?” For this episode, which takes place at the Culture Shifters event in Aspen, we’ll meet some people who dedicate their time and energy to building the snowboarding community and hear their thoughts on how to make it more diverse and inclusive. 

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