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Which Park Boards Do the Burton Team Ride?

Curious what boards the #BurtonTeam mounts up for a day in the park? Look no further…

Few times match the energy and good vibes of a day spent lapping the park. Or maybe it’s a night spent scouring the city for spots. Or a mini-shred in the backyard. Whatever and wherever it may be, there’s a feeling that just can’t be replicated in these moments—and the right rig can make all the difference and no one knows that better than the Burton Team riders.

P: Blatt

Anna Gasser is an absolute powerhouse with a genuine love for snowboarding in its purest form. She’s equally in her element as the first woman to stop a cab double cork as she is party-lapping with the crew. From Austria to Mammoth, from the local park to international podiums, Anna’s constantly fueling her passion all while inspiring the next wave of women’s freestyle progression. And she does it all on the cambered, action-packed board that is our Talent Scout.

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P: Cirilli

What can be said about Zeb that you don’t already know? After all, this is Zeb’s world and we’re just living in it. Arguably the best freestyle wizard to mount a board, this North Carolina native has inspired the world over with his explosive creativity and unique approach to any terrain in his wake. But even more inspiring is how Zeb continues to utilize his platform to promote equity and inclusion for black riders in our community and beyond. A vessel for his creativity, expression, and progress, the Blossom is Zeb’s board of choice.

"I love riding the Blossom because it’s stiff enough to handle big jumps tricks but still playful for rails. The camber underfoot has the snap I need to pop and press."

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P: Cirilli

For goodness grace, if you ain’t following Grace Warner (@g00dnessgrace) yet, you’re kinda blowing it. Oozing with a signature blend of Midwest style from the tow rope to Dew Tour, Grace is as loyal to standing sideways—and the steel—as anyone we know. And just like the free-to-be and free-to-create nature of her go-to Good Company board, Grace is the future now.

"The Good Company has been my go-to park and street board. The classic camber and twin shape is perfect for my style of riding. I'm a big fan of the flex of the board, it is soft, playful, and light-weight but I still get that solid pop I'm always looking for. The sintered base of the board is extremely durable, I spent a lot of time on this board and the base held strong on both rails and concrete. From street spot to tow rope, the Good Company holds up great and rides even better!"

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P: Blatt
P: Blatt

If you’re trying to catch a glimpse of Raibu, chances are you just need to look up. With his stratospheric methods out of the pipe, we joke that watching him ride is a free chiropractic adjustment for onlookers. From international podiums to the biggest of backcountry airs, Raibu relies on the hard-charging, highly-aggressive Custom X to match the high precision, high-velocity style of his riding.

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P: Blatt
P: Blatt

Each year, Zoi steps to the massive features on slopestyle courses around the world. She needs a board that is quick on rails and stiff on jumps, and that's where the Blossom comes into the picture. The board sets you up with a solid true twin shape to spin, stomp, and ride as you like. Doesn't matter if you're taking it on the Big Air Jump at X Games or your local down rail, this board is built for any park rider looking for something stiff and reliable.

"The Blossom is my favorite board to ride. It’s got the flex for getting playful on rails but also the stiffness and pop to ride how I want on jumps. If I don’t have my hometown hero with me on a pow day, I will gladly ride this thing."

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Possessing style well beyond his years, LJ Henriquez is leading the charge for the next generation of shredders. With the snowdome conveniently located in his home state of New Jersey, it’s evident that LJ’s been putting in the laps year-round. From indoor sessions and urban missions to slopestyle lines and everything in between, this present future force continues to push the envelope of freestyle progression on his go-to Free Thinker.

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P: Dawson

P: Cirilli

Rob is a boarder’s boarder, plain and simple. One second, he’s filming clips for the award-winning “The Dustbox Presents,” and the next second he’s earning himself a marketing degree. Sure, he’s a towering 6’6”, but clearly that ain’t the only reason we look up to him. A board as versatile as he is, our classic Custom is Rob’s rig of choice for whatever he’s tackling next.

“From the streets to the powder, the Custom has got you covered. I have one with me wherever I go because it can handle anything and everything. For those that need an ATV, there’s nowhere else to look.”

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P: Dawson

Growing up at a tiny resort in Virginia, Nora Beck embodies every bit of the blue-collar, Mid-Atlantic work ethic the region is known for. Whether she’s tossing combos in the midst of a heated rail jam, or battling for a clip, Nora’s riding demands a board that can put in as much work as she does. What better option than the tried-and-true, no-frills design of the Good Company?

“The Good Company is my favorite, right-down-the-line ATV. Stiff enough to not whoop out on a big jump, but still soft enough to hold a press up. Basically, anywhere I take it I can expect it to get the job done.”

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With those street missions, hot laps, and park jumps just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the right deck for the season ahead. Whether that’s an ATV equipped to handle the rails to the trails, or a hard-charger to tackle icy pipe walls and heavy-hitting jump lines, rest assured we’ve got a #BurtonTeam approved option for you.