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Which Boards Do The #BurtonTeam Ride In Powder?

We set out to shine some light on the boards under the #BurtonTeam's feet.

The only thing better than a pow day? A pow day on the right board. Whether you’re needling through tight trees, sessioning a backcountry booter, or just making some turns for the soul, the best days are made better with a powder-specific deck.

Curious about which board is the right for you? Then why not hear it from the experts: our very own Burton Team riders.

Ben Ferguson X Hometown Hero

Ben Ferguson grew up surfing the frozen waves of Mount Bachelor—a mecca of transition, trees, side hits, and of course, legendary Northwest storm cycles. So, when Bachelor’s own local hero looks for a rig to tackle deep days in his backyard, he straps up the Hometown Hero. Built to bust through PNW chunder and weave through the tightest trees, this directional daily driver was built to meet Ben’s Oregon-inspired style any time of the season.

Speaking of time, be sure to carve some out for Ben’s long-awaited first feature film, “Fleeting Time,” dropping online this November.

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Zoi Synnott X Hometown Hero
Zoi Synnott X Hometown Hero

After flying under the radar for a few years, this New Zealand native broke through the stratosphere with her podium finishes at the U.S. Open, X Games, and Winter Olympics. Oh yeah, and she accomplished all of that before even graduating high school. Despite her knack for stacking podiums, Zoi still prioritizes deep days and steep descents—as evidenced by her jaw-dropping footage in “Fleeting Time.”

Needing a board that is as hard-charging and versatile as she is, Zoi looks no further than our quiver-of-one Hometown Hero.

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Mikkel Bang X Custom Camber

With his raw talent, Mikkel has effortlessly transitioned from the contest circuit—and a reputable catalog of video parts—to the powder paradise that is the backcountry. But don’t think he’s stepped away from the podium, either. Whether he’s chasing untracked lines or winning Natural Selection, you’ll find Mikkel strapped upon a board as timeless as him: the Burton Custom.

“It’s my favorite board mainly because it rips in all conditions! On deep days it floats just as well switch. It’s a perfect board for freestyle backcountry riding. If you want to combine riding lines, hitting jumps, and also riding switch in the backcountry, then this might be the board for you.” - Mikkel Bang

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Danny Davis X Deep Thinker

Danny is a true snowboarder’s snowboarder. You’re just as likely to see him standing on an X Games podium as you are atop a hairy chute—committing to either with his undeniable Midwest work ethic. But when this Michigander takes to the backcountry, there’s one board almost synonymous with his approach: the Deep Thinker.

Need more proof? Check out Danny and the Deep Thinker in his new flick, “ARK”—a celebration of all those things that make snowboarding, well, snowboarding: deep days, friends, and the sheer love of it all.

"The deep thinker has been my go-to for freestyle powder riding. I ride lines with it, hit kickers with it, and it goes good backwards for fakie landings and take-offs. The little bit of rocker up near the nose gives it great float for a camber powder board." - Danny Davis

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Kelly Clark X Wave Tracer 150

Like any “retired” pro, Kelly’s step back from competitive pipe riding meant a leap forward into freeriding. Meaning, the winningest snowboarder of all time was going to need a proper rig to meet her new demands. After extensive collaboration with our hard goods team, Kelly designed the perfect board for resort riding, and—most importantly—resort pow days. If the Wave Tracer is good enough for this indisputable legend, we imagine it might just be good enough for you.

“The Wave Tracer is a great resort pow board that can go pretty much anywhere. It’s got camber under the back foot, slightly tapered, and it has some rocker in the nose. All together it makes the board float easily in pow, maneuverable in the woods, and will still hold an edge on cat tracks and trails. I spend about 80% of my season on this board and never wish I had a different set up. I would highly recommend it.” - Kelly Clark

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Mark Sollors X Territory Manager
Mark Sollors X Territory Manager

Much like Mark himself, our Territory Manager is a backcountry powder charger with a freestyle attitude. Which explains why it’s quickly become his rig of choice on the deepest of days. Whether he’s laying a backside turn through untracked lines in BC, hucking off a massive booter, or stacking clips alongside Danny Davis in “ARK,” this buoyant, tapered twin is ready to match Mark’s signature style regardless of which end is pointing downhill.

“The Territory Manager just starts to break into that little bit more aggressive but stable snowboard vibe. It’s got a touch of early rise making those deep days even more inviting. Designed to float, turn and charge with a tapered twin shape for days when you feel like riding switch. All this doesn’t take away from its ability to hold an edge and rip groomer turns. My all around shred stick for backcountry and resort.” - Mark Sollors

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Yuka Fujimori X Hometown Hero

If you’re looking for a lesson in style, look no further. After competing in four Olympics, Yuka has focused her seemingly effortless approach to competition to a career in filming and powder seeking. Needing a deck that can match her own versatility, she looked no further than our Hometown Hero—a board designed to charge the spectrum of terrain with equally-matched style and finesse.

“Speed is the key to making a nice turn and slash for the deep powder days. This board is rockered in the nose and gives you a smooth initial velocity. But what I like most about this board is the camber in the middle. It helps for powerful pop into jumps!” - Yuka Fujimori

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From the freestyle demeanor of the Territory Manager, to the full-throttle Hometown Hero and everything in between, there’s a powder board out there that belongs in your collection.