Epic pow, huge smiles, a loving community, and a brand that supports her are just a few of the highs in Kimmy Fasani's journey with breast cancer, but there have also been some serious lows. Through all of it, Kimmy has been wildly transparent and truly inspirational. It's the same pioneering spirit that has made Kimmy such a force in women's snowboarding. Watch her story to learn more.

"Being healthy and active made me a better patient to go through breast cancer."

Support the Benchetler Fasani Foundation's mission to help people through time in nature.

"I take a deep exhale. I can feel the heartbeat of the mountains."

Pushing the limits of what's possible in the mountains.

"This journey isn't meant to be done alone. It's meant to be done with a community."

Check Yourself On and Off the Mountain

"If you're struggling or need to heal, take yourself out into nature and reconnect. There is nothing better for the body and soul. Last but not least, check yourself on the mountains and at home."

Influenced by Kimmy Fasani

Kimmy developed her new [ak] line for the evolving era of backcountry exploration.

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