Øyvind Kirkhus

From Big Air & Slopestyle competitions to rail jams–Øyvind got it all covered.

From working as a lifty in Norways indoor dome to becoming the most stylish and skilled prodigy in the line of incredible Snowboarders Norway has brought forward, Øyvindis definitely someone to keep and eye out for. While not being the only one to land a quad cork, the young Norwegian might be the only who did it on a broken board. But don’t be fooled by his humble and professional appearance at Big Air & Slopestyle competitions–as soon as there is a Rail Jam Øyvindis the first one to completely tear the spot apart. From the prestigious “Sane! Metal Battle” to the famous DIYX and Rock a Rail events, the young Norwegian is always welcome, as he is guaranteed to amaze the crowd at any given moment

Hometown: Oslo, Vinterpark

Birthday: May 14, 2002

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