Digital Manuals

User guides for Step On, Step On Kid's Grom, and Step On Split.

Digital Manuals

User guides for Step On, Step On Split, and Step On Kid's Grom

Step On Boot & Binding Sizing

Men's Binding Size S M L XL
Men's Boot Size (US) 6-8 8.5-10.5 11-13 14-15
Women's Binding Size S M L
Women's Boot Size (US) 5-6 6.5-8.5 9-11
Kids' Binding Size M (GROM) L (SMALLS)
Kids' Boot Size (US) 11C-2K 3K-7K

Step On® might be easy to use, but snowboarding is risky business that can result in serious injury or death. Step On® bindings are the best in their class, but they are not designed to release or to prevent injury as a result of the inherent risks associated with snowboarding.

The best protection you have against injury is yourself.

  1.  Before heading to the mountain, make sure to read this instruction manual, follow all instructions, and learn to ride.
  2. Accept the risks you can handle without putting others at risk.
  3. Always ride under control and within your abilities.
  4. Be aware that use of a terrain park requires greater riding skills and recognize that there are bumps, ridges and other features that pose greater hazards.
  5. Always be aware of continually changing weather, visibility, and surface conditions.
  6. Be prepared to stop at all times.
  7. Be sure to regularly clean and inspect all screws, hardware, and adjustments on your Step On® boots and Step On® bindings.

A runaway snowboard is a dangerous thing. When not attached to your feet, a snowboard can slide away and cause serious injuries. Remember, only YOU can prevent your snowboard from hurting others. Make sure your snowboard doesn't fall off a rack or get dropped when you're hiking. In compliance with ISO Code 14573, you are required to use a leash at all times while snowboarding. The leash must be attached to the binding by looping it through the notch on the interior side of the front foot baseplate, and securely fastened to your body on the other end. No one gets hurt, and we all ride another day!

W48 Warranty

Burton products are backed by our W48 Product Service and Lifetime Warranty Program. W48 means we'll try our best to have your claim repaired (or replaced) and on its way back to you within two business days of receiving it—48 hours, get it? The Lifetime Warranty applies to the binding baseplate only. Burton offers the best warranty program in the industry, and it’s all part of our commitment to get you back on the mountain as quickly as possible.

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