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The somewhat different Black Friday—Burton Europe raised €92.793 for POW

We at Burton Europe are in our element when outdoors and in nature, and thus we feel the necessity to protect the environment we all love. Therefore, we did something really special for Black Friday this year. Instead of offering discounts on our products, we decided to raise money and donate it to the NGO Protect Our Winters (POW).

From November 28th to December 2nd, not only did 15% of sales from and selected Burton stores go to POW, but also €5 on each Burton newsletter subscription was donated. Furthermore, various #doitforPOW events took place in our stores in Innsbruck, Munich, Zurich, Helsinki and Milan promoting the protection of climate instead of consuming.

Thanks to you, Burton Europe managed to raise an impressive sum of € 92.793 for POW.

#doitforPOW Event at the Burton Store Munich
#doitforPOW Event at the Burton Store Zurich
#doitforPOW Event at the Burton Store Innsbruck

What exactly does Protect Our Winters do?

Protect Our Winters is a global nonprofit organization which unites the entire outdoor community to fight climate change and to responsibly care for the mountains and environment in general. POW leads a community of athletes, pioneers and progressive business leaders to find systemic solutions to climate change. It’s especially focused on implementing and supporting regional projects, educational initiatives and activism.

Why did we take this step?

With this initiative, we wanted Burton Europe to shine a light on climate protection. We feel responsible to contribute and educate our community about how to protect the nature and thereby also the sport we love.

Instead of offering discounts on our products on Black Friday, we decided to donate money to a good cause. After all, taking care of environment is one of Burton’s main values.

Burton Europe at the Global Climate Strike in Innsbruck
Global Climate Strike in Innsbruck

What does sustainability mean for Burton Snowboards?

At Burton, we take sustainability seriously, and thus we have set special sustainability goals for ourselves based on three key concepts:

  • Our people
  • Our products
  • Our playground

These goals are structured so that we can’t succeed as a business without succeeding at sustainability. The goals help us strive to maximize our positive social influence and minimize our negative environmental impact.

With our determined approach and our committed goals to always contribute positively, we are officially acknowledged as a certified B Corporation™ since October 2019. Being a B Corporation, we are committed to the highest social and environmental standards, not to mention total transparency.

To find out more about Burton’s sustainability actions, click here.

The time to help is NOW

Would you like to support POW and become part of the community? Just click on the link below and join us in protecting the environment!