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A Look at the Tech Behind the New Anon M4 Goggle

Paradigm shifts in performance, like pioneering magnetic lens changes with Magna-Tech®, have defined Anon since day one.

Technologies like SONAR lenses by ZEISS enhance contrast and clarity for the best definition possible, and are harnessed in a way that’s developed for snow sports. Add a full spectrum of lens tints for precise optics in all conditions and Anon Optics gives the mountain’s most elite athletes every advantage possible. At the forefront of this innovation is the new Anon M4 goggle—the most technologically advanced frame yet with the unprecedented versatility to switch between toric and cylindrical lenses.

Not sure what the difference is between toric and cylindrical lenses? Read on to learn all about that and more.


Cylindrical lenses have that traditional flat looking moto-inspired shape, which is curved only on the horizontal plane for a low-profile and clean aesthetic. The lens also tapers to a thinner profile at the edges for reduced peripheral distortion. This optimizes clarity throughout your field of vision so you can see more while also maximizing the possible vent volume in the goggle for fog-free performance.


Toric lenses are similar to spherical lenses which are intended to improve optics by mimicking the shape of the eye. Unlike a spherical lens, a toric lens has a tighter radius horizontally than vertically which can provide enhanced peripheral vision. This shape also maximizes the possible vent volume in the goggle for an unmatched field of vision and fog-free performance all day.


Maximum Field of Vision
The M4 offers the largest field of vision ever in an Anon goggle and one of the largest in any goggle on the market. This expanded peripheral and downward vision maximizes the viewing area so you can see more of the terrain and your surroundings.

SONAR by ZEISS Lens Clarity
SONAR lens technology by ZEISS brings the gold standard for optical clarity and quality to snow goggles, elevating the riding experience while retaining true world colors. Developed for snow sports by Anon and ZEISS, SONAR lenses regulate specific wavelengths of visible light to increase depth perception and enhance contrast for the best possible definition and terrain recognition.

Powerful Magnetic Lens Retention
Anon’s revolutionary Magna-Tech® system offers the fastest, easiest, and most secure lens changes possible. At the pinnacle of performance is the M4 which, like all Anon goggles, uses the strongest magnet material known in this universe to provide riders with a seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal with unsurpassed retention.

Precise Helmet-to-Goggle Fit
Precise and seamless integration between helmets, goggles, and MFI® facemasks is one of the key benefits that sets Anon’s products apart. When developing the M4, we set out to push precision even further. We achieved this by giving the M4 a deeper nose pocket that would improve comfort when worn with a helmet while also maximizing the goggle’s field of vision. The deeper nose pocket also relieves pressure on the nose that would normally be caused by the helmet pressing down on a goggle of this size.