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Anon Optics: Magnetic Simplicity Meets Superior Clarity

Snowboard goggles. Ski goggles. Doesn't matter: Anon Optics' Magna-Tech uses magnets for the fastest lens changes possible.
NEW SONAR lens technology by ZEISS enhances contrast and clarity for the best possible definition and terrain recognition.

We’ve all had that conversation on the chairlift about who can see the terrain clearly and who can’t.

The other day we overheard, “I’ve just accepted not seeing at this point."

First of all, not fun. Secondly, it doesn’t have to be this way.

More than likely, you have one of the following two problems: wrong lens tint for the conditions, or the clarity and contrast of the lens is low and limiting your depth perception.

Anon Optics’ revolutionary Magna-Tech® quick-change lens system addresses the first issue. Say it’s bright and sunny all morning, but then the clouds roll in. Your perception of the terrain ahead becomes flatter, and in just a few moments, visibility goes from crystal clear to nada. Using rare earth magnets and up to nine points of connection, Magna-Tech provides riders with the absolute quickest way to switch lenses. No annoying tabs or buttons. Your lenses simply snap into place, self-aligning and sealing out weather in seconds flat. You can even do it while wearing gloves or mitts. Try doing that with your current goggles.

Anon Optics team rider Bode Merrill seeing clearly through his signature colorway M3 Goggle.

For the second most common issue – contrast and clarity – Anon Optics’ brand-new SONAR lens technology by ZEISS levels up while retaining true world colors. Exclusively developed for snow sports by Anon and the legendary innovators at ZEISS, SONAR lenses increase depth perception and enhance contrast for the best possible definition and terrain recognition. Which means you can actually see more of what the snow is telling you. Better contrast and clarity is not only practical, it’s a helluva lot more fun. To quote several of our team riders and testers, “you feel like you can ride faster with the SONAR lenses.” That’s something we can all get behind.

Check out Anon’s Magna-Tech® and NEW SONAR by ZEISS lens technologies on the women’s WM1, and men’s M2, and M3 goggles.