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Solution dye: Why it is better for you and our planet

Sustainability is a central issue for Burton. That is why we have not only been a certified B Corporation™ since 2019, which obliges us to do good in every area of our business, but we also pursue ambitious sustainability goals that we are striving to fulfill by the end of the year.

The majority of these goals have to do with improving the ecological footprint of our products. This is where our new collection made from solution dyed fabrics comes in.


The difference between traditionally dyed and solution dyed fabrics

While in traditional dyeing processes, the yarn or garment is only dyed after production, requiring large amounts of water and chemicals, the color in solution dyed fabrics has already been mixed into the raw materials for manufacturing the thread.

This method provides the following advantages over traditional dyeing:

  • Reduction of water consumption by 80%
  • Fewer chemicals and CO2 emissions
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Long-lasting color as the fabrics fade less
With solution dye, we can reduce our water consumption by 80%.

How the solution dye process works

As we mentioned above, in solution dyed fabrics the raw material itself is dyed rather than the finished yarn or garment. Solution dyeing is only applicable to man-made synthetic fabrics. This is how it works:

  • In order to manufacture polyester fibers, colorless polymer chips are melted together with color pigments.
  • Now the melted mass already has the desired color.
  • Then the mixture is pressed through spinnerets and cooled, creating the polyester fibers.
  • Thread is then spun from the fibers and used to produce the fabric for our products.
  • No additional dyeing is necessary.

Do you shop sustainably?

Climate change is a serious threat and demands that we all change how we think. We take our responsibility seriously and are constantly working to manufacture our products more sustainably.

Change your own perspective, and take a look at our newest spring collection made from solution dyed fabrics. That way you won’t only be doing something good for the environment but also, thanks to the intense dyes, your clothing’s original color will last much longer – perfect for every fan of the outdoors!