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Three Essential Elements to the Spontaneous Summer Road Trip

Life has a wonderful way of getting busy, but there are windows when even the boldest adventures seem attainable.

If you’re thinking, “road trip” then we’re right there with you. Long weekends, holidays, and school vacations can pop up out of nowhere and fly by just as quick if you don’t capitalize on them. It’s just like catching a winter storm, when the weather provides and your schedule allows, you have to get it while the getting’s good.

Imagine a triangle. 

  • In one corner you have the time window — that one weekend all summer when you can escape your obligations.
  • In another corner: the mentality of being ready for anything at any time, even a spur of the moment road trip.
  • The third corner is your gear closet. When these three things line up, the conditions are perfect. The trifecta is complete, and it’s time to hit the road.  

All packed up and ready to go.
Just catching a quick snack for the road.
The ultimate adventure mobile, driven by Mikkel Bang and copilot Danny Davis.

What do opportunist road trippers and survivalists have in common? No, it’s not the desire to head for high ground. It’s the idea of a ‘go bag.’ To survivalists, this is a bag pre-loaded with all the essentials in case of alien invasion or zombie attack. They pack everything from dehydrated food to extra shoelaces, and keep it handy so they’re ready when the time comes. Now, we’re not telling you to stock up on astronaut food, but to take a tip on being prepared. There’s a big difference between ‘roughing it’ in the traditional sense and camping like a boss

There are a few essential items for a well-equipped road trip. The list includes (but is not limited to): 

A solid pack or duffel that’s versatile and ready for mini adventures along the road. A solid summer adventure wardrobe stocked with fast-drying shorts, a good hat, something weatherproof and something warmA tent, because hotel rates add up quick, and camping is simply the best. A proper sleeping bag.

Keeping these things handy, if not pre-packed is a good way to stay ready to hop in the car on a whim.

Oh the places you'll go...
The freedom of the road. It's out there.
Making friends by the roadside.
Make sure to get out of the car every once and a while.
You never know what kind of fun you'll find.

Now make sure your car is in good shape, and study some maps. From San Francisco to Maine, Madrid, Helsinki, and beyond, there are so many amazing places to see. Whether you’re a mountain lover or a beach bum, opportunities to step out your door and get amongst it are simply not worth passing up. So be prepared, look for openings in your schedule, and stay ready for adventure. You know we’ll be doing the same.∆