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Sustainable Warmth: What’s the Deal With Responsibly Sourced Down?

Picture this: it’s way below freezing outside, numbing cold, and you’re heading out to start your day. You thumb through the closet for your warmest gear and pull out your puffy down jacket and a pair of mittens. You may not have thought about where the down feathers in that super warm outerwear came from, but we have...

Our dedication to creating super warm products goes hand in hand with our commitment to sustainability. Thinking sustainably means thinking responsibly, which brought us to animal rights, and ensuring that every feather in our down outerwear is ethically sourced.

When it comes to warmth, down reigns supreme. In comparison to synthetic alternatives, down’s lightness, comfort, and heat retention are second to none. The problem: Ducks and geese don’t grow on trees and are often treated cruelly in order to fill everything from jackets to gloves, mittens, and more.

We won’t get into the details (you’re welcome) but it’s safe to say that we aren’t down with the status quo of the down fill industry. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of eco-conscious minds, like our sustainability manager Jenn Swain, to help find sustainable and responsible solutions throughout our product lines, including responsibly sourced down.

Red Gerard and Anna Gasser Hanging Out by a Lake in Burton Jackets Featuring Responsibly Sourced Down
Red Gerard and Anna Gasser in the BK Lite and Kiley Down Jackets.
A Snowboarder Wearing a Super Warm Burton Jacket Featuring Responsibly Sourced Down
Anna in the Alps, wrapped in the Mora Moss Down Jacket.

It’s all in the name: feathers from ethically treated ducks and geese. Why is it a big deal? Well, like we said, there are some super unethical ways to get feathers off of birds. Seriously, let's just leave it at that...

“When you are buying products that are made with down from ducks and geese, and you don’t know anything about the sourcing," Jenn explains, "there is the chance that the 5 Freedoms are being compromised. That relates to the health and well-being, both physical and emotional, of the animals.”

Traceability is key, so we ensure that every feather is ethically sourced from the factory back to a farm, benefitting both the animals and you.

Burton's Responsibly Sourced Down Logo
100% of the down that Burton uses is responsibly sourced, so you don’t need to decide when selecting a jacket.
– Jenn Swain, Burton Sustainability Manager

Our product wizards burn the midnight oil to come up with sustainable solutions to keep us toasty without compromising performance. Our warmest gloves and jackets are packed with 90/10 RSD fill – the lightest and softest down fill ratio on the market. In addition, many of the products throughout the line are bluesign® products, which feature bluesign® approved materials to ensure safety for both people and the planet. On the comfort front, nearly all of our outerwear features Living Lining®, which reacts to your body heat to optimize warmth.

So, when you go to pick out a new jacket, mitten, or pair of snow pants, consider where its ingredients come from. These ducks and geese keep us warm. Let’s keep them safe.