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Staying Warm At 6000 Feet With Danny Davis and Woolmark

We’ve partnered with The Woolmark Company to provide comfort and performance with pure and natural Merino wool.

They’re all about innovation in wool fabric at The Woolmark Company. Merino wool in particular, found in some of our highest performance snowboard socks and base layers, has proven to be one of the best natural fabrics on the market. It comes from Merino sheep, local to the Southern Hemisphere. We find ourselves Down Under on an annual basis, as their winters operate on an opposite cycle to the Northern Hemisphere, allowing us to keep riding all summer long.

Mid morning below the equator, and high above sea level.

We brought Danny Davis and a gang of Burton Team riders down to New Zealand last winter to chase snow in the Craigieburn Mountain Range. We stopped at a small club field called Mount Olympus along the way, and stayed in their high altitude lodge for a stormy night. When the clouds parted, we decided to make like locals and explore all the terrain at their disposal.

Danny takes matters (and a shovel) into his own hands.
When the session heats up, and you realize you don't even need a jacket.
Blue skies at high elevation, and nothing but Merino wool to stoke the fire.

Danny noticed a storage container behind the lodge. He ditched his coat and started shoveling snow to build a little quarterpipe against the door. At an elevation around 6000 feet, he worked and hiked in nothing but a Merino Button Up. A casual tranny session ensued, resulting in more than a few handplant attempts.

Travelin' Dan, Andrecht plant on a hand-shoveled minishred feature.

Fast-drying and highly breathable, without relying on harmful chemicals or additives, Merino wool is the ultimate natural fiber for winter warmth and active performance. Find it in the Burton Men’s and Women’s Merino Button Up, Crew and Pant, the Merino Phase Sock, and blended into winter layers throughout the line.