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Putting the Burton Packable Collection to the Test in Nova Scotia

We are always searching for cool places to get lost with our team.

When we caught wind of a misty coastline in Nova Scotia, we knew we had to check it out for ourselves. We assembled the squad of usual suspects (Danny Davis, Mark McMorris, Sangee Manoharan, and Chelsea Waddell) and boarded a ferry due north. The moment we arrived at Oven’s Natural Park, we were greeted by one of the most breathtaking beaches any of us had ever experienced. Punctuated by kelp-covered rocks and hidden sea caves, this striking landscape was our playground for the next 24 hours–and we were fully fired up to go exploring.

Danny Davis and Mark McMorris soaking up some ocean air in the Packrite jacket.

As for the conditions, the weather was variable, and space was limited. Luckily for us, our packable collection offered the flexibility that the day required. Romping around a coastline is no fun when you're lugging a heavy pack. Mobility was key, so we brought the minimal amount of gear possible. Each person carried one bag that held their water bottle, rain jacket, and daily provisions–which made things super convenient. When we were done using an item, we simply packed it up into a neat little pouch and threw it back in our bags.

According to our Senior Global Product Merchandiser Charlie VanderLip, the idea was to take our standard line of bags and packs and add lightweight, packable fabrication.

"The goal was to make convenient, packable gear that you could rely on," says VanderLip. "You don’t want it to have silly, flimsy straps or inferior materials."

For out-of-the-box activities, you need to bring gear that's dynamic and reliable. It's safe to say that Nova Scotia isn’t your average beach vacation. Instead of soaking up rays, we spent most of our time playing on rocks, panning for gold, and searching for seals. At one point, we meandered up a trail that led to a sheer cliff. If you had the courage to get close enough, it looked like you were gazing out towards the edge the world.

Chelsea inspecting the beach for slimey sea creatures.
Women’s Hazlett Packable Parka shrinks into a palm-sized bag, making it perfect for tucking away in a backpack or pocket when it isn't needed.
Make traveling a little more convenient without ever sacrificing functionality.

It was a breeze to pack up our jackets into small pockets and toss them in our bags. Lighter loads meant we could go further off the grid–and we took full advantage of that perk. We got nautical and split up on small fishing boats to seek out fresh lobster and mackerel. While topside, we learned about traditional Nova Scotian fishing techniques and listened to myths from legendary locals. Back on land, we dug a hole, gathered rocks and filled bags with fresh lobster, corn, and potatoes for a good ole' fashioned beach bake. Waiting for the food required all-time patience. Instead of salivating on the shore, we distracted ourselves with a chilly surf sesh. With tired legs and salty hair, we binged on an authentic Nova Scotian meal, then headed back to camp.

From 25L pack to small pouch in less than 60 seconds!
The wizards in the product department took our favorite bags and apparel and hit them with a high-tech shrink ray.
The Burton Packable Skyward 25L Backpack stuffs into its own internal pocket.

All in all, it was a day packed with activities but free of clunky gear. It was nice to take a literal weight off of our shoulders and focus on what really mattered. From tall cliffs to sandy shores, we saw it all. If you haven't been to Nova Scotia, you might want to throw it on your bucket list. Our suggestion is to grab a jacket, bag, or duffel from our Packable collection and hit the coast with a light load.