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Join The Team: Apply to Be a Burton Guide

"Hi, you've reached Burton. How can I help you?"

If you've ever called us for any reason, you've no doubt heard the friendly voice of a Burton Guide. But after they processed your warranty claim or checked on the status of an order for you, did you find yourself wondering what it’s like to be on the other side of the phone?

If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place. Being a Burton Guide is so much more than answering the phone. It’s about making a difference in the snowboarding community and building on the legacy of Jake Burton Carpenter.

When asked why she became a Guide, without hesitation Anna L. said, " I learned to ride on a Burton board and snowboarding has been such a huge part of my life ever since. Getting paid to spread the stoke? Sign me up."

What is a Burton Guide?

A Burton Guide is a customer service all-star who is dedicated to providing top-notch assistance when you need it, to get you back out on the mountain as quickly as possible. While you may not know the person who helps you out before you hit us up, you can be sure that they know snowboarding. The Burton Guides know snowboarding.

"What’s really cool to be working for a company like Burton is that at the core of almost every employee’s experience is the energy to give back." - Haley P.
"I get to work for a company that has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Burton allows me to turn my passion for snowboarding into a career." - Tyler D., one year as a guide
"My favorite part about my job is having the opportunity to turn someone’s day around." - Dan G., just out here making the World a better place.

What does a Burton Guide do?

The day-to-day of a Burton Guide is the epitome of what it means to work at Burton. As a member of the Guides team, you’ll spend some time deep-diving into Burton’s products to absorb the information you might need to make someone’s day—whether that’s answering a question, providing a recommendation, or solving a problem. You’ll spend the rest of your time being the face of the brand: answering phone calls, live chats, social DMs and responding to emails from snowboarders.

"I think the team camaraderie is the biggest part of the Guides that really surprised and thrilled me. After training we were almost immediately a tight knit group." - Lucas C., Guide and fast to make friends.

Why should I be a Burton Guide?

Sure, other careers may provide free(ish) office supplies as an added perk, but a career with the Burton Guides provides more than just a paycheck. Check out a few of our favorite perks, according to the current Guides.

1) Time to Ride

Flexible scheduling during the winter months allows you to get a few laps in at the mountain before work (using your free season pass). Just roll in at 11am and be ready to crush your day. And don’t bother stopping back at home first, snow pants are perfectly appropriate attire around the office in the winter.

  • From meetings...

    From meetings...

  • to hallway walks...

    to hallway walks...

  • to skate sessions, the pups are always welcome.

    to skate sessions, the pups are always welcome.

2) Dogs

On any given day at the Burton headquarters, dogs can be found napping under desks, attending important meetings, and making new friends in the hallway. In fact, all well-behaved friendly dogs are welcome at the office so bring your furry friend and spend every waking minute together.

Skate now, work later?
Nah! It's called multitasking around here.

3) Mini-ramp

Got a few minutes on your lunch break? Feeling that 2pm coffee crash? Step to our indoor miniramp or outside of the office and drop in on the Burton mini-ramp to get some exercise and stay focused.

4) Office Fun

From Phish cover bands in the lawn to chicken wings in the lobby, there’s never a dull moment at Burton. Enjoy regular events that make every day more interesting. Spoiler: We never let cold beverages go to waste.

Yes, that's a keg...of cold brew.

Burton's Company Culture

But you'll find the culture here isn't JUST about all the perks. It's actually rooted in a deep appreciation for the people who live and love the snowboarding lifestyle, starting with our leadership and permeating every inch of the building.

"We are riders. We work like we ride. We ride together." is the closest thing we have to a mission statement, and it means we're fully committed to building a rewarding, collaborative, and meaningful community.

"The number of Burton employees who have gotten their start as a guide. It's motivating to know that you can carve a path for yourself if you put in the work." - Anna L.

Career Development for Burton Guides

Though most of our guides are seasonal, it's one of the best ways to get started with a career at Burton. Proving yourself as a consistent and reliable Guide can pave the way for other full-time opportunities—either as a year-round Burton Guide or in a different department entirely.

Need proof? The most high-profile example of a Burton Guides success story is our CEO, John Lacy, who got his start—you guessed it—answering the phones.

Join the Team: Apply to be a Burton Guide

Every fall when the days start to get shorter, we expand our Burton Guides team with the addition of several additional seasonal positions. If this sounds like something you might be interested in (or maybe you just know someone who won’t shut up about snowboarding) get all the details below and then drop in.

And remember, Burton takes its inspiration from snowboarding, and we all bring the values of passion, growth, and innovation home from the mountain into every facet of our business.