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Danny Davis’ Ultimate Led Zeppelin Playlist

If music and snowboarding are cousins, Danny Davis is the fun uncle. He’s not the only one nurturing the relationship, but between the Frendly Gathering, iconic soundtracks on every edit, and the graphics on the Easy Livin snowboard, he’s doing his fair share.

Over the years, the Easy Livin has hosted a heavy mix of artist and brand collaborations, including Victor Moscoso — an artist best known for his posters featuring 60s and 70s San Francisco rock stars like Janis Joplin, Ralph Steadman’s Fear and Loathing graphic, the Family Dog , Grateful Dead, and Jimi Hendrix.


“A lot of people at Burton are music heads," Danny says. "Every time I get a good night with Jake, that’s what we do: we listen to a bunch of really good music. That culture runs through snowboarding. So every time we talk about these graphics, everybody’s really stoked. You put Hendrix on the base of a snowboard — who’s going to hate that?” 

This year, it’s Led Zeppelin artwork on the graphics for the Easy Livin. This one holds a special significance for Danny.  "For me, these graphics bring back memories of when I first started getting into music, because that’s what my dad got me into. I was listening to Pink Floyd, AC/DC — getting into rock and roll, not just what my brother was listening to. Led Zeppelin reminds me of the times when I was finding my own music.”

The 2017 Easy Livin snowboard.

Since there’s nothing more nostalgic than a playlist, here’s Danny’s lineup of favorite Led Zeppelin tunes. Give it a listen now, later, and on your morning ride to the misty mountain this winter. 

Led Zeppelin x Burton is just one of many collaborations this season. Shop the collection today. ∆

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