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9 Zoom Backgrounds to Make You Feel Like You're Outdoors

It's essential to #StayHome, but, from now on, you can join any virtual meeting from a stunning mountain range, a remote cabin, or on-hill with the company of a Burton Team rider.

It's a privilege to work from home, but it still takes some adjustment. There are plenty of unanswered questions during these strange times. For example, where are you going to put all of the snowboarding trinkets that normally sit on your office desk? Who will stop you from watching snowboarding videos all day? And most importantly, how are you supposed to remind your co-workers about your love affair with the mountains? We can't help you with everything, but we can certainly help you with the last question.

Follow these easy steps to stay connected to what you love in this era of social isolation and Zoom video conferences:

  1. Scroll down and pick your favorite image
  2. Download the photo to your computer
  3. Set this photo as your new Zoom background.

Take your next meeting from the entrance to Stowe Mountain's one and only Stone Hut.
Let your coworkers know that this meeting has to be quick – you've got a sled waiting.
Keep your social distance from this remote campsite.
You may have missed out on some spring riding this season, but this should bring you back to those warm, slushy days on the mountain.
You can set the tone for the meeting while Jessa Gilbert (@jessagilbert) sets the skin track.
Darcy (@darcysharpe), thank you for coming to your performance review. Shut the door, take a seat.
Approach your next Zoom meeting with a laid back attitude... just like Christian Haller (@hitschhaller)
It takes a little while to get adjusted to working from home. Just like how it takes a little bit to get comfortable in a hammock.
Our office may be closed, but that shouldn't stop you from, using this background to convince your co-workers you are calling in from our HQ.

We hope these backgrounds keep you connected to the outdoors. If you use one for your next meeting, share the results with us using #Burton.