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Digging through the Feed with Legendary Photographer Dean “Blotto” Gray

Burton Staff Photographer, Dean Blotto Gray might just have the best job in the world. He spends roughly 300 days each year traveling with the Burton team shooting contests, park sessions and street missions. After almost 15 years on the circuit, he’s developed one of the most renowned eyes for capturing the feeling and culture of snowboarding. From the deck at the Burton U.S. Open halfpipe to the open door of a helicopter high above an Alaskan peak, Blotto’s office is an ever-changing list of dream destinations. We asked him to take a scroll through his instagram feed to find a few favorites, so he wrote down his thoughts and brought us all on a walk down memory lane.

Riding with your friends is the best. Zak Hale pops up just in time for Michael Wick to carve under at Bear Mountain, CA.
We’re coming down with a case of the classics. Bear Mountain, a wall feature, a lip slide… executed by a classy dude named Zak Hale on a sunny April afternoon.
The ladies were a blur taking laps through the Snowmass terrain park in the sun. Nothing better. Yuka Fujimora, about to touch down.
What would be running through Ben Ferguson’s mind as he stands on top of his first big line in Alaska? This is the calm before the storm, when you need to have complete confidence in your gear (and your legs).
Pure stoke. Ben Ferguson after completing his first big backcountry pillow line. Welcome to Montana young grasshopper.
What’d you have for breakfast? Danny Davis had powder. Buckets of snow were literally falling from the sky on this Montana mission. What a great place to be.
Danny Davis, switch method. Does it get any sweeter than this? US Open 2015.
Danny Stowe
After Jackson Hole and before Montana, Danny Davis squeezed in two days at Stowe, Vermont to enjoy the plentiful powder.
After you win the women’s pipe final, you might as well poach the men’s final! Kelly Clark, nonstop. #BurtonUSOpen
Reaching the top of this wall in Jackson Hole’s Stash Park is not easy, unless of course you’re Mikkel Bang.
I like everything about this moment…the spot, the board flex, the determination. Mark Sollors, documented in Japan.
Five hours building this feature, five days waiting on weather to hit it. So worth it! Mike Rencz flipping his way to good times in the Swedish backcountry.
If no one is there to see the shadow, was the trick still performed? Roope Tonteri flipping around in the Peace Park halfpipe as told by his shadow.
One of the funnest resorts on Earth, Riksgransen, Sweden, May 2015. Mikkel Bang enjoys the bank turns with the gorgeous background setting that is Scandinavia.
Feeling on edge? It’s good to be when you’re on your snowboard. Edge control master Christian Haller grabs rail at Peace Park.
No one on the chairlift to see Hailey Langland tearing up the Snowmass Park? Negative. Special invite from the terrain park crew to session the jumps before opening? Positive.
One of Japan’s great young riders, Miyabi Onitsuka riding one of Breckenridge’s famous ‘side of the road’ spots while on break from the contest schedule.