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How to Prep Your Board for Summer Storage

There’s a big difference between your snowboard and last year’s snow tires.

They may be equally worn out, but one deserves a little more respect than the other. While you might put the tires outside or in a dark, musty corner of the garage for the summer, you wouldn’t do the same to your board.

board storage MarkMcMorris_Chile_Moran_5198.jpg
Mark McMorris, sharing a wistful gaze with his Flight Attendant.

Look at it like a lover. You just spent the past season getting to know each other. You had countless trials and tribulations. There were some rocks involved. Some flexing of tolerance levels. You learned about each other’s little peculiarities, and how to exploit them. You went all the way, and now the mountains are dry and you have to spend the next couple months apart, or maybe just staring at each other.

It’s hard to stare at someone and look them in the eye when you’ve done them wrong. Think about that. Likewise, it’s always easier to get back together when you left off on a good note. Acquaint yourself with these handy tips for summer snowboard storage.

board storage DannyDavis_Chile_Moran_5317.jpg
Danny Davis giving his board a good look.
board storage KellyClark_Chile_Moran_5300.jpg
Kelly Clark takes the time to put her gear away in good shape.

1: Cleanup

The first step is easy. Clean off the top sheet of your board with any house-hold surface cleaner. The goal of this step is to get any and all dirt, grime, or beer off your board so it isn't eating away at your board all summer. Ideally, at the end of this step, your the top sheet of your board should look like it could hang on the wall of your local board shop.

If you have a board with our channel system, be sure to clean them out. If dirt settles in there, it may be difficult to take your EST inserts out next winter.

The poor thing’s been beaten on, scratched and served up to the mountain on a silver platter. Do it the kind deed of taking the bindings off, wiping it down with a wet rag, and removing any dirt or dust. This isn’t just a sweet gesture. Keeping your board clean actually lengthens its lifespan.

board storage MikkelBang_Tahoe2014_Blotto_3325.jpg
Mikkel Bang with a pre-storage wax job on the Custom.

2: Prep

This is the most important step to store your board for the summer. To prep your board for summer you will need to:

If we’re looking at the board as a lover, then the base is equally a living object. It reacts to its state. So if you leave it sitting for months at a time, it’s likely that it will dry out. Pull out your tuning kit. Put on a coat of wax and leave it until you’re ready to ride again. When you scrape it off, your base will be in the same prime condition that you left it in.

If your edges are rusty, grab a snowboard-specific file and clean them up before they sit around for a few months. There are files made just for this purpose that will ensure a smooth, sharp edge without changing the bevel or permanently ruining the metal.

Another thing you can do: once you’ve taken your bindings off, leave them off and give them a quick inspection. The big thing with this is just in relieving the tension on the bolts. Sitting in a closet with stress on them could lead to any number of mellow, yet still annoying side effects.

Mikkel storage copy
Keeping a buddy around for moral support. Always a good move.

3: Storage

There’s nothing worse than reaching for your board in the fall and finding it in worse condition than you left it. For that reason, a snowboard bag is the safest place to put your board in the off-season. Not only does it prevent the board from any accidental dings or dents, but it also blocks out sunlight and dust. Believe it or not, prolonged exposure to sunlight has a drastic effect on the color and durability of a board. If you don’t have a bag, at least put the board somewhere shaded from direct sunlight. Once in the bag, or just ready to be stored, put it in a place where the temperature stays consistent, and not too hot or cold.

board storage MarkMcMorris_Chile_Moran_5147.jpg
Reminisce, watch the snow melt, then move on to the next mission.

It’s not rocket science, but taking these steps to ensure that your baby has a sweet and reviving slumber will save you time, and maybe even money in the long run. You’ll thank yourself when winter arrives and you have a pristine board that’s ready to rip. Until then, stay busy and enjoy the adventure.∆