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Product development is in our blood. We love it. Obsessing over every detail, tweaking, testing, and always improving. It’s something we can’t stop thinking about. Rooted in innovation, collaboration, and feedback from riders, we continue the legacy of Jake Burton Carpenter and MINE77.

“Driven by function and supported with style, MINE77 keeps my dad’s snowboarding values at the heart of every decision.”

– Timi Burton


NOV 2021

Rather than wait until December, Timi Burton and the team do an early release of streetwear pieces from the MINE77 Winter Collection to get fans fired up for the cold months ahead.

MAY 2021

In addition to uniquely technical and innovative apparel, the spring/summer collection includes custom printed camping pieces in collaboration with Helinox along with a Channel Islands M20 surfboard.

JAN 2021

The deep winter collection includes a first for burton: 18 one-of-a-kind backseat drivers, each with its own unique graphic by dean blotto gray. Blotto's original painting included with each board

NOV 2020

With Jake’s youngest son Timi at the helm, MINE77 goes global for the first time ever with a line of uniquely technical products that are rooted in innovation, collaboration, and feedback from riders.

MAY 2020

Continually incorporating the feedback of others. The result is a very personal collection that’s been thoroughly tested, refined... Dialed.

FEB 2020

Jake’s youngest son, Timi, steps up and carries on his dad’s legacy and passion for product development with the spring / summer MINE77collection.

JULY 2019

MINE77 late summer drops with summer lounge and streetwear, perfected by Jake. 

FEB 2019

The second MINE77 product collection drops in February, perfect for deep winter conditions. 

DEC 2018

Jake launches MINE77 as a creative outlet, obsessing over every product detail, tweaking, testing, and always improving. 


Step On boots and bindings release. It’s all I have ridden ever since.


The R&D crew exceeds my wildest dreams with the release of the channel and EST bindings.


Years of development leads to the release of my preferred lacing system – Speed Zone.


1996 Red Impact Protection begins. Before Anon, Red was our brainchild for helmet innovation.


The need to stay warm and dry leads to developing snowboarding’s first technical base layers.


Started developing 3D — the world's first universal board-to-binding mounting technology.


All that hiking sparks my idea for a backpack with a built-in board carry.


Hiking for turns means cold, wet feet. Searching for a solution leads me to the wetsuit sock concept.


Development begins on the first snowboarding outerwear to outfit riders from head to (almost) toe.


Experimenting with snowboard-specific footwear leads to the ’83 release of the competition shoe.


Traveling in search of places to ride gives me the idea for the first board bag.


The BB1 (Burton Backhill) and BB2 (Burton Backyard) become the first production boards.


Exploration of new laminated board constructions using rock maple.


Development of the first board prototypes begins in my New York City apartment.

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