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Fit Check: What Outerwear Does the Burton Team Ride?

by Tyler Macleod

Even with the very best board, boots, and bindings strapped to your feet, your day can still fall short with the wrong equipment.

What equipment is that you may be asking? The gear on the rest of your body, of course.

It’s been said that there is no such thing as bad weather—just bad outerwear, and we couldn’t agree more. Which is exactly why we take as much pride in our softgoods as we do our hardgoods.

Tested under the same rigorous conditions as our decks, Burton’s jackets and pants get put through the wringer by our team riders each and every season. So, let’s hear it straight from the horses’ mouths and find out what some of them are rocking this winter.

“I use the Cyclic Jacket and Cyclic Pants all winter because it’s the perfect kit for long days out in the mountains. On cold days, it has room for your base layers, and on warmer days, it’s not too hot. Basically, it’s everything you need throughout the season.”
– Mikkel Bang

Warm and dry no matter the weather. From the resort to the backcountry, our [ak] Cyclic GORE-TEX 2L Jacket and Pants were designed to tackle any terrain, any day. That means deep days, spring days, and everything in between. Layer underneath ‘em on the cold ones, open up the zips on warm ones and trust that you’ll be dry and comfortable regardless of the temps or precipitation.

“I first look for a good fit when I'm choosing outerwear—then waterproofing and then venting. With a shell design, I can layer how I want underneath depending on the day, and I prefer the 3L waterproofing because it helps me stay dry when riding all day long.”
– Zoi Sadowski-Synnott

From her homeland of New Zealand to the Natural Selection circuit, Zoi needs outerwear that travels and performs as well as she does. Keeping her warm and dry day after day, all season long, Zoi’s combo of our Tusk Jacket and Hover Pants proves to be top-of-the podium performance. High tech, full of style, and the perfect fit, this combo ticks all her boxes.


Pairing our highest-tech two-layer jacket with our go-to 3L stretch bib pants, Mark Sollors knows a thing or two about bridging fashion and function. With the core-focused insulation up top, and lightweight and mobility below, Mark’s combo keeps him warm, dry, and comfortable regardless of where the season takes him/

“One of my favorite things about the Swash Jacket is the ‘core focused insulation.’ The small amounts of insulation are only where you need it, so you aren’t bulked up like wearing a traditional down puffy.

As for the Freebird Bibs, they’re basically as top-of-the-line as you can get. They’re just so well designed that I don’t feel like I have to even say that much. They speak for themselves.”


Like skinning? Like snowboarding? Then these bibs are just for you.

They just so happen to be the bibs of choice for Danny, too.

A splitboarding-specific design that enables freedom of movement and full climate control, the Tusk Hi-Top Bibs feature time-tested storm proofing that’s worthy of the Alaskan backcountry and beyond. Don’t believe us? Just ask Danny himself:

“I love wearing bibs when hiking, building features, or just riding in warm weather…but they can be hot. What I like about these bibs is that’s not an issue. The mesh in the back is great for airflow, and the low front with pockets is a great compromise between bib and regular pants. These are by far my favorite pants in the line.”
– Danny Davis

We can all agree: no one wants to retreat to the lodge on an all-time day.

By being equipped with the proper gear from head to toe, you can ensure that won’t be an issue—unless it’s just for a quick celebratory beverage break. If you’re looking to upgrade your outerwear this season— and don’t want to sacrifice fashion for function—look no further than our top-of-the-line [ak] offerings. Whether it’s a mid-winter pow day, or a heated spring session, you’ll be dry and comfortable from the first chair to the last.