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Which Boards Do The Burton Team Ride?

Wondering what boards the #BurtonTeam riders are reaching for this season?

Then look no further because we’ve got all your answers right here. After all, who’s more of an expert than the riders putting these decks through the wringer day in and day out?


When Zoi’s not stacking podiums at the U.S. Open, X Games, Winter Olympics, or Natural Selection, she can be found stacking clips pretty much anywhere and everywhere else. From park booters to backcountry lines, it’s all fair game for this New Zealander. And needing a board that is as hard-charging and versatile as she is, Zoi looks no further than our quiver-of-one: the Hometown Hero.

Built to blast through any condition, our Hometown Hero is a daily driver that’s also worthy of the Family Tree namesake. Floaty and lively, this directional, cambered board proves to be a natural selection for Zoi and a number of Burton Team Riders any day of the season.

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Rob Roethler: Blossom & Gril Master

Burton Blossom
Family Tree Gril Master
I love riding the Gril Master because it’s extremely playful in powder. It floats like crazy but still cuts and maneuvers really well.
– Rob Roethler

Rob has always stood out. And that’s not just because he stands at a towering 6’6” (although that does make it easier to spot him in a crowd). A proven jack-of-all-trades, this Midwest transplant has as much style in the streets as he does in the backcountry. But considering how different the streets of Hokkaido are from the backcountry of British Columbia, Rob requires a few different tools for his trades.

His first go-to? The Gril Master. A true dad board, designed with the late Marko “Grilo” Grilc. This Family Tree member is as eager to take on mellow resort laps with the fam as it is charging the side-country—which makes it a perfect option when Rob is lapping around Utah or dropping lines in BC.

But when Rob needs something a little less directional, he opts for the Blossom. Built upon a solid, true-twin platform, this team favorite is a vehicle for creativity and expression—a couple other trades Rob just so happens to excel at, too. Want to see it in action? Then catch Rob in Burton’s latest flick, BLOOOM.

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I really like snowboarding with high speed and big air. The Custom X helps me to do exactly that.
– Raibu Katayama

Raibu is a true pro. Just watch any of his superpipe runs, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Back-to-back double corks. Stratospheric methods. Neck-breaking airs. We often joke that any time he drops in, it’s a free chiropractic adjustment for spectators. And that’s exactly why Raibu demands a pro-caliber board.

Enter the Custom X. The hardest charging offering in our lineup, it’s no surprise this Burton staple is Raibu’s preferred rig of choice. Powerful and precise, this carbon-fueled, cambered stalwart features a twin flex that inspires speed and the freedom to explore. And with its evenly-distributed weight designed for continuous tip-to-tail edge control, it’s a board that caters to any hard chargers like Raibu.

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Our riders are always deeply involved with the Burton Product Team's development and testing process, so it was no surprise that Mark Sollors fell in love with the late Marko "Grilo" Grilc's designed Family Tree Gril Master. A fellow product nerd, Mark took the time to break down the Gril Master and his new love for the board.

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We’ve said it before, but for goodness Grace, if you ain’t following Grace Warner yet, click HERE and fix it. With her signature Midwest style, Grace possesses a blue-collar approach to riding and filming that only the Mitten State could produce. And just like her Michigan-bred free-to-be and free-to-create persona, her go-to Blossom is much the same.

From the tow rope to the streets, the Blossom is a classic, true twin workhorse that matches Grace’s hard-charging and hard-working style. Need proof? Catch Grace and the Blossom in BLOOOM ASAP.

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What Board Does The Burton Team Ride Mikey Rencz Custom Camber
I ride the Custom for 3 reasons: size, camber, and the ability to ride the same board no matter the terrain. I ride mostly backcountry but it's sick to keep the same board resort days. You get the strength and power of a big board and still maintain the playfulness of a small board.
– Mikey Rencz

Stability and precision: two words that seem appropriate when describing our timeless Burton Custom. They just so happen to be two appropriate descriptors for our guy Mikey Rencz, too. No surprise then that you seldom see these two apart. With countless video parts, editorial spreads and Rider of the Year nods under his belt, Mikey is about as classic as the board he straps into.

Since the 90s, the Burton Custom has constantly evolved while retaining its time-honored design and no-frills approach. Also sounds a bit like Mikey, huh? Always down for anything from a backcountry sesh to a laid back good time, these two are a match made in snowboard heaven.

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Like the jaw-dropping landscape of her homeland of Iceland, Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir constantly leaves us impressed. And such is the case for her board of choice, the Burton Yeasayer. Designed to tame anything that stands in the way, this true-twin multi-tool of a board is adept at handling anything from street rails to untracked pow laps.

Aligning with Ylfa’s blend of power and finesse, this Flat Top-cambered deck epitomizes fun and progression—meaning it’s an easy-riding, go-anywhere board whether you’re just getting into riding or trying to follow-up Ylfa herself.

Want to see more of Ylfa and her Yeasayer? Check her out in BLOOOM, a new snowboard film by the Burton Team.

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Whether you’re looking for one board to do it all, or another addition to the existing quiver, we can confidently say that there’s a Burton board that can tick the box.