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Movie Mash-Up: All the #BurtonTeam Projects in One Place

Consider this your one-stop shop for all their video projects this season

It's premiere season...A tradition as old as snowboarding itself, film projects are integral to the heart and soul of standing sideways—for the riders, filmmakers, and of course, you the viewer. While no two videos are quite the same, one thing is for certain: they all get us amped to ride through their individual representation of our shared passion.

As eclectic as their projects, the #BurtonTeam has been busy putting some much-anticipated flicks together for your viewing pleasure.

Fleeting Time

Two years in the works, Ben Ferguson’s long-awaited film, “Fleeting Time” is finally here. Featuring a supporting cast of heavy hitters scouring the globe for the perfect alignment of terrain, conditions, and the hands of the clock, this is one flick you’ll want to set your alarm for.

“The clock’s always ticking,” says Ben. “Time is fleeting. If you use it poorly, you waste a bunch of time and probably money, too.”

With riding from Ben, Mikkel Bang, Red Gerard, Mikey Ciccarelli, Zoi, Mark McMorris, Luke Winkelmann, Raibu and Kaishu, the lineup is nothing shy of stacked. Still need convincing? Then catch the official trailer below.

Don’t waste any moments catching this one. If you missed the “Fleeting Time” premiere tour, you can download the full movie on all major streaming platforms.

Ben Ferguson, Red Gerard, Zoi Synnott, Mikkel Bang, Mark McMorris, Danny Davis, Kaishu Hirano, Raibu Katayama, Mikey Ciccarelli.

ARK / Radical Sabbatical

Danny Davis has always been a boarder’s boarder. He knows exactly what makes the act of riding a plank of wood downhill so fulfilling: friendships built in the mountains and bonded through our love of snowboarding. And this is precisely what “ARK” is all about.

A double feature, “ARK” is a pure, tried and true flick, featuring parts from #BurtonTeam riders Danny, Mark McMorris, Brock Crouch, Raibu, Mark Sollors, Mikey Rencz, Mikey Ciccarelli, and Luke Winkelmann. On the flip side, Radical Sabbatical portrays the looser, lo-fi side of snowboarding. Together, these projects capture the true essence of snowboarding: from the polished and cinematic, to the DIY.
Peep the official trailer below and then clock over to outside mag to stream the double feature.

Danny Davis, Mark McMorris, Brock Crouch, Mikey Ciccarelli, Mikkel Bang, Mikey Rencz, Mark Sollors, Raibu Katayama.

Hot Coco

Coming in hot this season, Maria Thomsen and crew have put together one heater of shred flick: Hot Coco. Featuring a stacked crew, including Ylfa Runarsdottir, Nora Beck, and Grace Warner, this all-women’s street film is a can’t-miss this winter.

Maria set out to connect Burton's street riders for a single project. And the result is 20+ minutes of street footage from some of the best riders in the game. If your ideal shred-flick puts rails over powder, this is the movie for you.

Maria Thomsen, Ylfa Runarsdottir, Nora Beck, and Grace Warner.

Ruckus III

Looking for something you can watch right now? We got you. Rally the crew and grab the popcorn, ‘cause Ruckus III is online and ready for your viewing pleasure. Featuring #BurtonTeam rider Carlos Garcia Knight, this third installment from the Ruckus crew is as-advertised: a powder-filled ruckus with a high-energy soundtrack to match.

Filmed entirely in one season—a result of this Kiwi crew locked down and unable to leave—Ruckus III is a glimpse into the culture, high vibes, and stunning terrain of the South Island in New Zealand.

Even more impressive? Not only did Carlos edit the majority of the film (his first foray into editing), the soundtrack also features a jam he wrote. Check it out.


If you’ve been following along with the WOP saga, then we don’t have to tell you to get ready for this one. The next offering from our favorite French rider, Neils Shack, "WOP ONE" is guaranteed to live up to the raw, street goodness of previous WOP releases.

This flick is chock full of insane 50-50s, unique spots, roof drops, and nifty art inclusions that we’ve come to expect from Neils and crew. But hey, don't take it from us, you can watch the full flick below.

We get it, you came here to WATCH something, not to read about every movie dropping this winter. So, we listed out all the movies and their streaming destination below.

With the season just around the corner (and already upon a few lucky locales), there’s no better time to turn on the tube and put some shred flicks on the screen.

And lucky for us, there’s no shortage of can’t-miss-TV from the Burton crew this season. Be sure to add all of these to your viewing queue ASAP—they’ll surely get you amped for the winter ahead.