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When Families
Step On®

Taking your kids out on the mountain doesn’t have to be a challenge. Learn why a few of our pro parents are calling Step On® “life changing.”

Snowboarding Simplified

Whoever you are, you’ll never sit down to strap in again. One run, and you’ll wonder why we hadn’t done it sooner.
Meet Sofia, a Burton Employee from Innsbruck —

“You fall, you stand up.”

Progression is a mindset – just ask Sofia. When you connect the dots between where you are and where you want to go, you’ll be surprised by how your path takes shape

Snowboard Boots

Snowboard Bindings

Snow Jackets

  • Family Tree: Hometown Hero

    Our product team’s dream board come to life, this classic charger is built to blast through tight trees, tricky terrain, and straight up own the entire mountain.

  • Shaping the Future

    For 30+ years, JG’s helped shape modern snowboarding with tireless testing and development. His latest challenge? Keeping up with his 9-year-old son.

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