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What People Are Saying About Burton Step On™

You may have heard that Burton Step On™ is snowboarding’s next evolution. But what does that even mean?

We could tell you, but we’d rather let you hear it from the riders who’ve tried it. From pro snowboarders to magazine editors and industry leaders, everyone is raving about the most intuitive boot-to-binding interface. Here’s what they had to say about Burton Step On.

Burton Rapid Prototype Engineer, Chris Doyle proudly running the product of many years of research and development.
I trusted Step On after the first run when I realized I had just charged choppy moguls at full speed with no straps and had no problems.
– Mark Sollors, Professional Snowboarder, Burton
The lucky crew of first-time riders at the official Step On unveiling event in Vail, Colorado.

“At no point did I feel too much or too little connection. It wasn’t loose, it wasn’t stiff. Honestly, I just felt like I was snowboarding.” – Pat Bridges, Creative Director, Snowboarder Magazine. Read the full review at

"I think sitting down to strap in has always been kind of a nuisance for snowboarders... Now, you‘re not going to be the guy who‘s slowing the crowd down.“ – Kimmy Fasani, Professional Snowboarder, Burton

“The typical rider’s hassle of bending down — or sitting down in the snow — to buckle boots into the bindings while skiers in their group wait could be a thing of the past.” – Eddie Pells, Denver Post / The Associated Press . Read the full review at

It was insane. They are honestly genius. I can‘t get over how awesome they are...I am not scared of the future...I want to ride the future.
– Ken Achenbach, Legendary Snowboard Pioneer
Men's and Women's Step On setups looking right at home.
Alex Andrews, Burton sales and marketing ambassador, giving his new Step On setup a tweak.
Coming to a Test Ride Center near you.

“We did some math. If it takes 30 seconds to strap in with a traditional binding, times 15 runs a day, times 20 days a year, times ten years of riding, that’s 300 runs lost.” – Rob Sprague, Director of Engineering and Prototyping, Burton

“The future of snowboarding might be heel, toe, and go.” – Feet Banks, Mountain Life Magazine. Read the full review at Mountain Life Online

“Jake (Burton Carpenter) is convinced he snowboards better with it. It's designed to feel just like what you are used to.” – Chris Cunningham, VP of Product, Burton. Read the full interview at Transworld Business

"Not only could I keep my pants dry, but I could start riding immediately. Unlike step-ins of the past… the toe-to-heel responsiveness was faster than even buckle-equipped bindings, leaving me confident to make quick turns in the trees, beeline it towards powder stashes and ride in tandem with some of the snowboard industry's best chargers." – Ali Carr Troxell, Men’s Journal

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"Burton's Step a game changer...The Step On has thick foam in the baseplate that not only absorbs shock on landings but also allows the binding to flex along with the board, so you get better board feel directly underfoot." – Jeff Dengate, Men's Journal

"Five years in the making, this new binding system is a novel alternative to the traditional strap-in approach. Using them is easy: Slide your heel into a connection point at the back, then click into loops on both sides of the toes. The result is a light, comfortable apparatus that’s almost as responsive as the high-performing straps and buckles—but happily won’t compel you to sit down in the cold snow to strap yourself in." - Popular Science

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