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The Stance – These are Burton’s Core Values

Sending it freestyle is great when you’re on the mountain, but building a brand and making the best products in the world requires a plan. We start everything at Burton from the ground up, and we built our foundation around a set of core values that we call The Stance. These values ensure that we’re staying true to ourselves, supporting the lifestyle we love, and doing our part to protect the planet and its people.

80 Industrial Parkway. Come say hi!
Archivist, Todd Kohlman giving some team riders a tour of Craig's.

At the heart of The Stance is the understanding that riding is not just a sport. It’s an attitude, a mindset, and a culture that extends far beyond the mountain. This is a year-round lifestyle, a way of being, and a way of doing without seasons, borders, or limits. By rallying around this understanding, we’re able to keep progressing and strengthening our community on and off the mountain.

This is our vision. These are our values. This is our commitment. This is The Stance:

We Are Riders


We pioneer and create change, both on and off the mountain. With a commitment to innovation and progression, we’re challenging ourselves to reject the status quo and keep searching for the next evolution. 

From supporting the world’s best athletes to working with industry partners and dealers, our work is to advance the sport and the year-round lifestyle that all of our passion is grounded in.

We Work Like We Ride


We work hard and play hard without apology. The values we bring to work are the same we bring to the mountain. We do this because we love it. We bring everything we have to work.

Like riders, we see obstacles as opportunities, and find creative ways to overcome them. As the conditions ahead change, so do we. We have a responsibility to support the sport and the lifestyle that we pioneered. It defines everything we do, from product design and environmental policy, to introducing more people to the experience of sliding sideways.

Craig's Prototype Facility in gear.

By partnering with programs like bluesign® and the FSC® across our product lines, and doing full factory audits on all Burton manufacturers, we are owning our responsibility to the environment that sustains our lifestyle. We’ve taken Burton to more corners of the globe than Jake may have ever imagined, from China to Chile, but we’re far from the final frontier. We’ll continue to bring Burton to new places…even if that means the moon.

Maybe you’ve heard of the longstanding conspiracy theory that the dogs at Burton are really the ones calling the shots… We have no comment on this other than to point out that we really love our dogs.  

We Ride Together


The results are better when we work as a team. We progress and strengthen our community by enabling our employees to engage, connect, and hold each other accountable to consistently superior performance. We have respect for one another, and for contributions at every level. Up, down, and peer to peer – healthy relationships progress and strengthen our community.

Working in partnership, both internally and externally through the Coalition, allows ideas to flourish and blossom. As they say, two heads are better than one. The results are always unexpected and amazing. On every level, we challenge and develop ourselves and each other. Within the industry and inside our offices, the individuals making Burton happen have a commitment to leading the charge.

Then there’s the two-foot rule. If it snows two feet, our office is closed. Go ahead and take that as a metaphor for our whole ethos.

CEO, Donna Carpenter with other contestants (and their dogs) at last year's Halloween costume contest.
A family that tunes together... stays together? Aw forget it, employees just love tuning day at Craig's.

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