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Burton Ride Day is Our Family Tradition

Every job has its perks. Obviously, ours is snowboarding. We get a season pass to our local mountain, steep discounts on gear, and we're encouraged to go for morning rides before work. A laid back vibe underlines most of what we do in general, and our business decisions revolve around what’s best for the snowboarder. 

On Burton Ride Day, we take over.
Where's Waldo?

Our annual ride day kind of represents a culmination of all that. We spend Burton Ride Day snowboarding together, no matter what. In Vermont, it might be 65 and sunny, or there could be a blizzard to end all blizzards—regardless, we’ll be out there. Then again our ride day isn’t specific to Vermont, it’s across the globe: employees in Japan, Europe, Canada, and China also ride together in whatever way they can. Our southern hemi employees might skate or surf instead—whatever gets them standing sideways together.

You should see how many of us can fit in a gondola.
Conditions may vary.
Time to show off.

It might seem like a small bonus, but for us it’s a nice reminder of why we do what we do: the camaraderie and community in snowboarding. Across the board, CEO to service rep, you’ll see all kinds of folks snowboarding together or getting a drink afterwards.

Our crew has grown since 1992, but we've still got style.

2014 was an especially foggy one. Check out the recap video to get a taste of Burton Ride Day: 

See what we're up to this year...

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