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Digging Through The Archives: MINE77 and Jake's Passion for Product Innovation

I wanted to live for the moment, be more creative, and do some things that were outside of the box…so MINE77 was born.
– Jake Burton Carpenter

Product development has always been integral to Burton’s DNA. It’s why we’re constantly obsessing over every little detail, rigorously testing every single product, and collaborating extensively with our designers, artists, and Burton Team Riders. And nothing epitomizes this drive and ambition more than Burton’s MINE77 collection.

Rooted in innovation, MINE77 was started as Jake Burton Carpenter’s creative outlet—a testing ground for us to create the most progressive, limited products in snowboarding. Period. While some designs were built to fill a void, others aimed to push the boundaries—just as Jake had always done.

Let’s dig through the archives and take a closer look at a few of Jake’s classic pieces from the MINE77 Collection.

MINE77 x Paul’s Boutique Board (2020)


There ain’t much out there more progressive than the Beastie Boys. Featuring the photography of Ricky Powell, this freeride juggernaut of a board was a direct collaboration between MINE77 and the legendary hip-hop group. While Paul’s Boutique—the group’s second studio album—didn’t initially match the commercial success of their widely acclaimed debut, Licensed to Ill, it has since become regarded as a landmark album in the golden age of hip-hop, with many describing it as the Sgt. Pepper of the genre. 30 years after its release, it stood (and still stands) as the Beastie Boys’ breakthrough achievement.

In many ways, the passion and creative drive that produced Paul’s Boutique was ultimately the same form of energy that led Jake to create the MINE77 Collection in the first place.

Strapon Step On Boot (2019)

As with conventional bindings, I loosen the ankle straps after every run and cinch them at the top of every run to the exact tension I want. This process takes just a couple of seconds but optimizes comfort on the ride up and performance on the shred down. In my eyes, it is the best boot in the game.
– Jake Burton Carpenter

Jake still felt the Step On system—as convenient as it was—could be a better replication of what he (and riders around the world) are accustomed to. Enter the MINE77 Strapon Boot.

Like many of the Burton Team Riders, Jake was a disciple of Speed Zone lacing and a conventional ratchet strap to hold the boot down. And that’s exactly what Burton's product crew was able to make for him. An evolution of the existing Step On design, this iteration mirrored the conventional design that Jake (and many others) were accustomed to, allowing the option to loosen the ankle straps after each run, and snuggly cinch them at the top of the next.

All-Purpose MFI First Layer Shirt (2019)

In my 50+ years of snowboarding, I learned that anytime you can combine two products into one, it is a bonus. One less thing to forget.
– Jake Burton Carpenter

Seamlessly stitching an MFI facemask and neck warmer with a quality, mid-weight first layer, this shirt accomplished something all of us snowboarders could appreciate: one less thing to forget. Not to mention, it’s one less piece of laundry to wash—after all, who likes putting on a face mask that smells like yesterday’s lunch?

From sub-zero temps, to hiking under the blazing springtime sun, the MINE77 All-Purpose First Layer Shirt was a first of its kind. With its removable MFI interface, it became a perfect pairing with any set of goggles, Anon or otherwise, and was a staple in Jake’s (and many others’) daily wardrobe.

Salvage-Fabric Flannel (2019)


We’ve always put sustainability at the top of our priorities—especially when it comes to designing our products.

With the MINE77 Collection, Jake wanted to stay true to these ideologies and was constantly searching for opportunities to upcycle our fabrics. So soon enough, the sustainably minded Salvage-Fabric Flannel was created.

Using the cuttings and scraps from existing Burton flannels, the individual pieces were then sewed into a cohesive shirt and dyed to create a truly unique—and environmentally friendly—article of performance wear. From the hill to the bar, the Salvage Flannel proved itself as a go-to piece for everyday styling.

Game Jacket (2019)

The tethered ice scraper in the sleeve pocket is an easily ignored feature, until you fucking need it in the freezing rain.
– Jake Burton Carpenter

It’s not necessarily an easy challenge to improve upon an already top-notch product. Case in point? Our Burton [ak] Freebird Jacket. Still, Jake and crew were always up for a good challenge, and thus the MINE77 Game Jacket was conjured.

By incorporating the then-fresh technology of the first-ever lightweight stretch 3L GORE-TEX digitally printed fabric—and combining it with the addition of an old-school game pocket (so you could stash just about anything, including an old-school video camera), the Game Jacket successfully built upon what was already a near-perfect product.

8-Pocket Bib Pant (2019)

Simply put, this is the best bib pant in the sport.
– Jake Burton Carpenter

Based on the Burton [ak] Freebird Bib Pant, and similar to the aforementioned Game Jacket, we added the technology of the first-ever stretch 3L Gore-Tex digitally printed fabric and included a whopping eight zippered pockets—which Jake candidly said were “enough for any criminal.”

Additionally, a snap-adjusted elasticized cuff with a zippered gusset made it easy to loosen or tighten boots on the fly, while also providing a unique, trendy look. Essentially, the ankle cuffs were a hemmed pant and a gaiter combined into one—which Jake correctly predicted would become standard place on many popular pants of today.

2L Ripstop Anorak Jacket (2020)

Don’t get me wrong, you can wear this as a street piece, but it’ll do good on the hill, too. Not every day I ride in an anorak, but when I do, it has to be this one.
– Jake Burton Carpenter

Like most of us, Jake also had a history of misplacing some of his prized possessions, one of them being an old Analog jacket that he wore all the time. So, after he failed to track it down, he did the next best thing: designed a new one.

Staying true to the street styling and on-hill performance of the Burton AG line, this MINE77 Anorak incorporated numerous ride-friendly features in addition to insulation solely in the body of the jacket—just as Jake liked it.

Danny's Double Tongue Boot (2021)

Before my time in snowboarding, Burton made a two-tongue boot that’s said to be the secret to some of Brushie’s tweaks. 25+ years later and Jake, being the innovator, wanted to revisit the concept because it was so good.
– Danny Davis, Burton Team Rider

Taking inspiration from an iconic boot in snowboard history, the MINE77 Danny's Double Tongue Boot not only paid homage to snowboarding’s past but created a collective creative outlet for Danny Davis and Jake.

With both of them favoring our Speed Zone lacing, they set out to move the laces to the side to create a more tweak-friendly boot while simultaneously alleviating pressure on the top of the foot. And unlike boots from three decades prior, this two-tongue design provided noticeably more heel hold than most boots today, let alone those of yesterday.

The Burton MINE77 Collection truly is an ever-evolving line of limited-edition outerwear, apparel, and equipment. That was always Jake’s M.O. Characterized by unconventional patterns, bold colors, and outside-the-box functionality, it has—and always will—continue to defy expectations.

So, as we look back on Jake’s classic MINE77 pieces from the archives, know that we’re also looking forward to the next staples in the collection.

For Jake, and for snowboarding.