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Burton and bluesign®: Good For You and the Environment

Few consumers realize the complexity of what they buy.

Over 2,000 liters of water are used on average to make one pair of jeans, and over 2,000 chemicals are used in textile processing alone. In fact, over 500 chemicals can be present in a single garment! And we’re barely scratching the surface.

It’s next to impossible for any company to monitor and track each step in the production line, including the facilities that make the fabric, dye the fabric, treat the fabric, manufacture it, and so on. This is where our partnership with bluesign® comes in, a group in Switzerland that is a leader in environmental health and safety in the manufacturing of textiles worldwide.

CadenceJkt_ElevationAnorak_Summit Pant_0582.jpg
With a little help from our friends at bluesign®, we're able to produce safe, responsible outerwear.

bluesign® Technologies was founded in 2000. The goal was, and still is, to unite the entire textile supply chain in order to reduce its impact on people and the environment. In order for something to earn bluesign® designation it must be responsibly crafted with a natural resource-efficient manufacturing process, with clean air and water emissions, using only those chemicals that are deemed safe for people and the planet. Unifying the global textile industry is a daunting task, which is why Burton got involved and is going all-in to help create a healthier industry.

Burton Director of Global Sustainability, Ali Kenney, says, “With our product being produced this year, we feel we are as committed (or more) than any other brand out there for safe and responsible chemicals, materials, and production of our softgoods. Hopefully our push in this direction will bring more and more brands along with us toward more responsible product.”

Kelly Clark in the bluesign®-approved Cadence Jacket.
Hopefully our push in this direction will bring more and more brands along with us toward more responsible product.
– Ali Kenney, Burton Director of Global Sustainability

Burton's commitment to sustainability is based on a goal to reduce our overall impact on our environment and the people in it. Going forward, Burton has a brand goal of achieving 100% bluesign® softgoods, so you can trust that we’re doing the right thing and that you’re buying the safest and most environmentally responsible product. As the industry comes together, and more companies adopt the bluesign® System, the future becomes a little brighter for everyone. ∆

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