3 Ways to Support Goggles for Docs

3 Ways to Support Goggles for Docs

In this ever-changing world full of challenges and uncertainty, one thing remains true- the value and strength of our community. When medical workers on the front line were struggling to find access to much-needed PPE, members of the snowsports community stepped up to help in a big way by creating an organization called Goggles for Docs.

Goggles for Docs facilitates donations for medical staff in need of protective eyewear by connecting those with new or used ski goggles with a medical facility. One request for snow goggles followed by thousands more meant that it was time to turn this cause into a widespread outreach. To date, the Goggles For Docs organization has donated more than 44,000 goggles to medical facilities and first responders.

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Nurses wearing Anon goggles supplied by Goggles For Docs


In March, with the help of our staff, Anon donated over 1600 pairs of brand-new goggles. Most Anon goggles come with two lenses: the installed, mirrored lens that is best for sunny conditions, and a lower light, bonus lens that is better for cloudy or snowy conditions. Employees across the organization took on the task of swapping out lenses to make sure all donated goggles came ready for front line workers with a low light lens installed to make them easier to see through.

Since then, the team has organized a drop-off bin outside of Burton HQ in Burlington, Vermont, where our local community has been actively leaving donations. With the recent expansion of Goggles For Docs overseas, our European offices have been able to donate an additional 250 pairs to hospitals and care homes in both the UK and Germany.

Woman preparing Anon goggles to send to Goggles For Docs


Want to get involved? Here are a few ways to help.

Donate a pair of goggles you no longer need by sending them directly to a medical facility listed on Goggles for Docs' website.
— Make a monetary donation to Goggles for Docs to support the cause.
— Follow @gogglesfordocs on social, spread the word, and encourage others to get involved.

As a community, we can help make a difference. To learn more, find a drop-off location, contribute funds, or to request donations of goggles for your medical facility, visit GogglesForDocs.com.

Not in the US or Canada? Goggles For Docs is organized in the UK & Germany (GogglesForDocs.co.uk) and in Australia & New Zealand (GogglesForDocs.com.au) as well.