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Lube it or Lose it: The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Snowboard Wax

There’s a reason why cars need oil changes.

It’s as much to keep the components lubed up as it is for general maintenance and longevity. A snowboard is no different. Without wax, the base of your board will dry out, drastically reducing your speed.

Learning how to wax is a rite of passage.
A happy base makes for a happy rider.

Wax works by reducing friction between your base and the snow, but it’s not always a one-wax-fixes-all solution. Different types of wax exist for different uses and conditions.

The key to going fast is picking the right wax based on convenience of application and top secret recipes that offer different levels of speed. Burton makes a full range of waxes for different purposes. Here’s the rundown:


All Season Fast Wax

The everyday rider can’t go wrong with the standard. It’s the most versatile wax we have, with a hydrocarbon formula that performs between 14 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Great for keeping your base happy and zipping around smoothly.

All Season Faster Wax

The name gives away the punch line for this upgrade to our Fast Wax. A similar hydrocarbon formula is lightly fluorinated to give your base a lubricated boost. Like those NOS buttons on the steering wheels in Fast and the Furious… See ya!

All Season Fastest Wax

Who wants to go fast? The choice of Banked Slalom and halfpipe legends alike, this fluorinated formula is highly concentrated for a dense finish that cuts through any friction that might slow you down. Scrape it well, say your prayers, and just hold on!

Donut/Maple/Cheddar Wax

It’s not all science and speedometers. Anyone looking to stay slick and moisturized without the tech frills can take a hot iron to Burton’s Donut or Maple waxes. 100% biodegradable and fluorinated, not only will these waxes keep you moving, but they smell like Vermont’s favorites: cheddar cheese, cider donuts and maple syrup.

All-Season Speed Sauce and Rub-Down Wax
Keep this stuff handy for a quick lube before you hike out to the hero lines, drop in on your contest run, or just rub one out in the parking lot at the beginning of the day. The Rub-Down wax is super simple: rub, buff, and ride. Or go with the Speed Sauce for an extra fluorinated boost. Just remember, this is a supplement, not a substitute. Nothing beats a good ‘ol hot wax.

Now go be faster than your friends, make it across the flats, and keep your base nice and pretty so you can stay sliding fast for years to come. ∆