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A Functional Guide to Burton's Five Fits

At Burton, our mission is to make winter clothing, and snowboard outerwear that looks great, feels right, and functions even better. As the closest thing to your body, it's the ultimate decider of comfort and performance which, usually, equals happiness.

Burton’s team of technical designers obsesses over both the aesthetic and the functional aspect of fit. “Our fit goes through many iterations, from data-driven design to on model fitting, to extensive real-world-wear testing,” Director of Softgoods Development and Tech Design, Lindsay Lyman-Clarke says.

So how can you understand what fit is right for you?

To get the right fit, you need to consider two things: your size and the “ease” of the garment, which means the space left between your body and the garment when you’re wearing it.

To find your size first, take your measurements according to this guide and compare them to the size chart below it. Then, ask yourself how you like your clothes to fit. Do you want extra space to layer? What will you be doing when you’re wearing this piece? The answers to those questions will help you figure out how much ease you want between you and your garment.

Burton's five fits reflect five different levels of ease for our tops and bottoms:

Next to skin: Just as it sounds, this fit is skin tight. There will be minimal extra fabric as this fit will hug your body for a next to skin fit.

Slim: A close fitting, tailored fit that mirrors your body’s silhouette, but still allows for a base layer and lighter midlayer to be worn underneath.

Regular: What some might call a normal fit, regular-fitting garments are not too tight or too baggy, and can be worn over warmer mid-layer pieces with ease.

Relaxed: This looser fit offers plenty of room for ease of mobility, comfort, and layering.

Oversized: A roomy fit with more length and volume than our relaxed fit. Meant to feel loose and less-structured.

Mark McMorris in a Relaxed Fit pant.
Mark McMorris in the Vicker Pant with a Relaxed Fit.
Ben Ferguson in the Breach Jacket
Breach Jacket in Regular Fit on Ben Ferguson.

It's good to note that our fit classifications are a range, meaning two garments with the same fit classification won’t necessarily be the exact same measurements, but will feel similar when you wear them.

Two great options to make sure you get your fit just right? Pop into one of our Flagship stores to try it on in real life, or give our Burton Guides a call (800-881-3138) so they can describe the subject of your desire in detail according to first-hand experience.