Burton Family Tree SkipJack Surf Snowboard

620,00 €

Men's Backcountry Snowboard

Burton Family Tree SkipJack Surf Snowboard

620,00 €
size 148 Size Chart
ARTIST: Dean Blotto Gray [www.deanblottogray.com]

Burton Family Tree SkipJack Surf Snowboard

With or without bindings, this snow surfer brings the ocean to the mountains with deep snow float and an easy flexing feel.

Featuring a name inspired by the Skipjack Tuna (think more shark-bait than sushi), the Burton Skipjack Surf has been watching the radar, and knows exactly where the biggest waves are hiding. With an aggressive take on the earth-surfing approach, and a playful, agile personality, this fish wants to outrun any predator and have the time of its life in the process. Short length and Directional Flat Top combine to deliver a pow floater that turns with ease. The huge nose floats easily through untracked blower, while the swallow tail swims its way out of the deepest swell. The surf pad provides critical traction for surfing sans bindings.


Board Personality Spectrum


Board Terrain Spectrum
Riding Level
Board Size 148
Weight Range 130-170 lbs. / 59-77 kg
Running Length 1068.44mm
Waist Width 256mm
Sidecut Depth 20.0mm
Sidecut Radius 7.1m
Stance Width 540mm
Nose Width 308.6mm
Tail Width 283.6mm
Effective Edge 1140mm
Stance Location 0
Binding Sizes L


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